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CPT Vancouver

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In close collaboration with WTC Group, a Vancouver-based import/export logistics provider and freight forwarder, the facility offers transload and logistics solutions to customers focused on a wide range of commodities. The facility is positioned on 17 acres of land which allows for ample opportunity for our customers.

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CP’s Vancouver Transload Facility located in Port Coquitlam, British Columbia is strategically positioned to allow for efficient switching of shipments and is in close proximity to our intermodal yard, reducing container dray. We are increasing efficiency and productivity by delivering containers to port by rail, eliminating the down time related to urban traffic and congestion and the need for gate fees and reservations.

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Time Savings

Close proximity to Vancouver Intermodal Facility, means containers can be quickly positioned at the CP Transload facility, loaded and delivered back to rail. As an import-export facility CPT Vancouver offers a highly efficient model by leveraging the flow

Reduced Cycle Times

Rail assets remain in CP’s control, decreasing cycle times on cars by up to seven days.

Cost Efficiency

By combining access to our domestic intermodal service with our co-located CP Transload Facility and Vancouver Intermodal Facility, ocean carriers using CP will have the best round-trip economics and access to exports exclusively on CP’s network,

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  • 17 acres
  • 111 dock doors
  • 3 tracks (indoor)
  • Capacity for 7 boxcars indoors and 525 feet of center-beam cars
  • 162,000 square foot warehouse
  • 20’ ceiling height
  • Covered unloading tracks

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​ ​
  • Pulp
  • Lumber
  • Paper
  • Bulk plastics
  • Grain loading
  • Merchandise/Imports

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Facility address:

1275 Kingsway Avenue

Port Coquitlam, B.C. V3C 1S2


Lisa Hewitt | Transload Specialist

Office 403 319 6476

Cell 403 808 8269