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CP marks first U.S. Rail Safety Week with a plea to the public

​Canadian Pacific will be reaching out to the public during this first national U.S. Rail Safety Week with a simple, critically important message: Please be safe around the railroad tracks. Trains can't stop quickly, so it's up to motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists to follow the law and keep themselves safe.

"Over the past year, far too many Americans took unnecessary risks around the tracks, and tragically, many paid with their lives," said Ken Marchant, Chief of Canadian Pacific Police Service. "These incidents are tragic but preventable. We must all work together to save lives by reminding our friends and family not to take such unnecessary risks."

Federal Railroad Administration statistics show more than 2,000 grade-crossing collisions occurred last year, resulting in 145 fatalities. Additionally, 980 incidents between trains and trespassers claimed 491 lives. On average, a person is struck by a train every 3 hours. Since trains can't stop quickly, the law has been clearly established: It's up to motorists to yield right-of-way at crossings, and it's up to pedestrians not to trespass on railroad lines.

CP this week will participate in enforcement and public awareness events in New York, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and North Dakota. Outreach efforts include presentations to students, speaking to patrons of businesses close to tracks, enforcement efforts at grade crossings, and media events. CP will be working in collaboration with Operation Lifesaver Inc., a national organization with chapters across the country focused on education and outreach on this important issue.

"Operation Lifesaver proudly stands with CP and the entire railroad industry in sharing a message of safety during U.S. Rail Safety Week," said Operation Lifesaver President and CEO Bonnie Murphy. "Together, we work toward eliminating tragic incidents on the tracks."

Download a schedule of daily themes and events here, and follow along with #USRailSafetyWeek.

The railroad is also launching its own rail safety program, CP RailSense. Through education, targeted communications, and outreach, CP RailSense asks everyone to be situationally aware around the railroad. The goal of the program is simple: encourage safe behavior around tracks and trains, and eliminate injuries and fatalities. Learn more at

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