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Community event notification


Due to operational requirements and capacity constraints, CP is unable to slow or stop trains for public events such as parades, community festivals and races.  

The CP tracks in your community are part of a busy North American rail corridor and trains should be expected at any time.  For rail safety and security reasons we are not able to provide you with specific times that a train may be passing through.  We recommend that organizers consider safety, as well as potential delays to the event, and adjust the route or activity to avoid crossing CP tracks.

If your event will cross CP tracks or you anticipate a gathering of people within close proximity to the railway, please fill out this form to advise us of your event:

​​Event notification form​​​​

Consider the following when planning your event

  • Contact your local police service to request assistance 
  • Local police should enforce – and volunteers and event organizers should heed – all laws and safety precautions at or near CP property.  Local police should ensure that no one is allowed to cross CP tracks when a train is approaching or when crossing warning devices are activated  
  • No one will be allowed to stop on CP tracks at any time
  • All participants must remain clear of the right-of-way adjacent to the tracks; under no circumstances should this area be used as a pathway
  • Transport Canada, or the Federal Railroad Administration in the US, regulate railway operations including train speed, grade crossing protection and locomotive whistle use  
  • Train crews will sound the train whistle should there be a safety concern such as trespassers on the track
  • For emergency purposes, please contact our 24/7 CP Police line at 1-800-716-9132 

We wish everyone a safe and successful event!