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Ontario vegetation control program

Every spring in Ontario, CP begins our vegetation control program to keep our rail line clear of unwanted brush or weeds.

Confined to our right-of-way, this program includes vegetation control on the ballast portion (graveled section) of our right-of-way. Safe rail operations require our ballast to be free of weeds and brush, which can hinder rail maintenance and can be a hazard to the public and our employees. If left uncontrolled, vegetation contributes to trackside fires, impairs visibility of train signals, impairs sight lines at railway crossings, impairs proper inspection of track infrastructure and creates a generally unsafe workplace.

We use herbicides to control grass and weeds on the ballast and any remaining brush is also sprayed to eliminate it from the ballast. 

Our 2019 vegetation control program is underway or will start shortly
Spray schedule summary

  • May 1 – July 30 – spray rail ballast (yards and main line)
  • May 14 – August 31 – spray brush

More information is available in the following documents:

2019 Ontario spray​ ​​scheduleThis schedule will be updated on a regular basis to reflect the progress of our spray operations.​

Ontario spray schedule map

Ontario communities by CP subdivision

Our vegetation control program is in accordance with Ontario Regulation 63/09, which provides public works the right to use herbicides when it comes to the safety of their infrastructure. All herbicide applications will be done by qualified operators in conformity with current federal and provincial regulations. Our program will also be subject to all habitation and aquatic setbacks listed on the products' label.

We invite you to have a look at our Integrated Vegetation Management Program to get a better understanding of our vegetation management operations. Although this document was written for British Columbia, its guidelines are applied across Canada on all of CP's network.

We would like also to take this opportunity to remind you that, as per Transport Canada's "Railway Safety Act," it is illegal to be on a railway property without lawful authorization.​​​

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