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Rail projects near you

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Keeping our track and infrastructure to the highest safety standards is important to us. So is working closely with communities and municipalities to make sure, together, we grow our business​ in a way that improves local economies. 

On this page, find more information on the latest projects​ that may be visible in your neighbourhood.​


Cargill Expansion - Lethbridge

CP is working with Cargill to expand service to their Lethbridge, Alta. facility. Track upgrading and reconfiguration is taking place on the CP right-of-way within proximity of Highway 3 (Crowsnest Highway) and 1st Ave N in Lethbridge

Due to the recent weather in Southern Alberta, the work is now  scheduled to be completed the week of Oct. 11 - Oct. 15, 2019.

During the project timeframe people should expect to see and hear heavy machinery, rail equipment, banging, idling trucks waiting to proceed, dust, voices, bright lights from light plants and reversing trucks.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation during this project.

Elbow River rail bridge twinning project - Calgary

Canadian Pacific (CP) is twinning its rail bridge over the Elbow River adjacent to and south of the existing rail bridge between 7th Street SE and 8th Street SE. 

CP will construct its new bridge on the same timeline as the City's planned work/realignment of the 9th Ave SE/Inglewood bridge. This will minimize impact to the adjacent community and avoid a second closure of the Elbow River bike path. 

CP is pursuing options to construct the bridge this summer; however, construction may be deferred until summer 2020 depending on the final design chosen and applicable permitting requirements.

When is the crossing on 8th Street closing?
The City of Calgary will close 8 Street S.E. at the crossing with CP (south of 9 Avenue S.E.) in November. The closure will accommodate CP's reconfiguration and operations. The City is implementing the closure as part of the Green Line.

Will more tracks mean more rail traffic?
CP's bridge reconfiguration will improve rail traffic flow through Alyth Yard, enabling CP to process trains more efficiently. CP's rail traffic and train frequency fluctuates with the needs of its customers.

How many trains cross over this bridge in a 24-hour period?
On average, 22-27 trains operate on the Laggan Subdivision in a 24-hour period.

CP_Alyth_double bridge over Elbow River-web.jpg

Pedestrian Crossing at Horse Creek Road - Cochrane 

Construction of a public pedestrian crossing at the current private emergency access crossing located at Horse Creek Road and installation of an access pathway is set to be complete summer 2019.

CP will install an at-grade public pedestrian railway crossing consisting of premium concrete crossing surface, flashing lights, gates and low-decibel bells.

To the south of this crossing, the Town of Cochrane will connect Quigley Dr to a pedestrian-accessible pathway.

A third party owns the land and pathways directly to the north of this crossing and the CP right of way.

CP and the Town worked together to complete the design for this crossing. The pathway and railway crossing is necessary to ensure public safety. Residents are reminded to only cross railway tracks at designated marked public crossings.

Watch for updates to this timeline.

Scotford Subdivision Extension to Inter Pipeline’s Heartland Petrochemical Complex

Canadian Pacific (CP) has applied to the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA File Number 19-02643) for Approval to extend the existing Scotford Subdivision approximately 4 kilometers to the south. This extension will provide rail service to Inter Pipeline's new polypropylene facility currently under construction.

CP's application and supplemental filings can be downloaded from the links below:

Application100 MB

CP Scotford Subdivision Extension Application Summary

CTA Supplemental Filing Letter June 21, 2019

CTA Supplemental Filing Letter July 17, 2019

CP Environmental Commitments Table

British Columbia

Track reconfiguration / extension project - Field

Beginning in early August 2019, and running until the end of November 2019, Canadian Pacific (CP) is completing a track reconfiguration project in Field Yard. The project will extend the length of CP tracks through the 2nd Street crossing to the west end of CP's yard.

Currently, long trains staged at Field must be split among a number of tracks. This type of train movement requires the intermittent occupation of the 2nd Street crossing, blocking the passage of vehicles and pedestrians. Once complete, the track extension work will accommodate longer train lengths on a single track, resulting in fewer blocked crossings.

As part of the project, and to further enhance public safety, CP will be installing a full railway crossing warning system with bells, lights and gates. 

During the project timeframe, people should expect to see or hear heavy machinery, rail equipment, banging, idling trucks waiting to proceed, dust, voices, and reversing trucks. Construction-type work will occur during daytime hours; nighttime work is also expected.

Residents are reminded that Field Yard is an active rail yard which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Materials required for this project, as well as any maintenance work in the region, may be stored here year-round.


Residents with questions or concerns about our operations can call our 24/7 toll-free Community Connect line at: 1-800-766-7912 or email

To report an emergency, please contact CP Police at: 1-800-716-9132; 24 hours a day.

Kicking Horse River - Golden

In August 2015, Transport Canada (TC) officials witnessed a rafting company with a large group of people unloading rafts and walking across active railway tracks to access the lower canyon of the Kicking Horse River. Shortly after this event, TC directed Canadian Pacific (CP) to resolve the safety concern.​

At that time CP began discussions with local community officials but talks stalled. As a result, CP requested to meet with stakeholders in Golden on April 22, 2016 to establish a short-term solution. 


Notice of work – Montreal, QC

Exo is performing maintenance work on the platform of the Lucien L'Allier station on Saturdays and Sundays from October 5 – 20, 2019, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Residents in the surrounding area may hear construction-type noise from the worksite. 

For further information, please contact Exo at: 514-287-8726.

​Les Cèdres intermodal complex

Les Cedres intermodal complex

​The CP project at Les Cèdres is currently part of a company-wide review of existing facilities. As a result of this extensive review, there has been no firm timeline set for the discussion of plans at this site. We remain committed to informing all interested parties about the status of the Les Cèdres project, and about our operations in the municipality.​


Contact our CP Community Connect team at:

Phone: 1-800-766-7912

or fill out our online form