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Rail projects near you

At CP, keeping our track and infrastructure to the highest safety standards is important to us. This means people may notice periodic work on tracks, ties, crossings, bridges and other infrastructure. Below is a list of projects that are either underway or planned. 

Seasonal track maintenance

A CP track maintenance worker


CP's maintenance work occurs across the network year round.

CP's crossing sightline program includes removing brush and trees within 1,200 feet in both directions of crossings, out to CP's property boundary. Vegetation will be removed from 1,200 feet to 3,000 feet from crossings at a width of 35 feet from the track centerline. These measures enhance safety for grade crossing users and ensure compliance with the regulations on crossing sightlines.

Maintenance work in your community may also include the replacement of rail, rail ties or ballast, requiring the use of specialized equipment. Railway neighbours may see and hear heavy machinery and work associated with industrial activity. CP operates around the clock; maintenance work may take place at any time.

For more information on CP's operations, property and more, please read our FAQs.

Learn more about the latest projects​ that may be visible in your neighbourhood below.​

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 British Columbia

British Columbia

CP employee accommodations - Revelstoke

CP is constructing two housing units for employees in key operations roles on CP land.

The buildings will be two stories each for a total of 48 one-bedroom fully furnished units, with on-site parking.

Construction began in spring 2022.

Revelstoke map.png

Revelstoke rendering sidebyside.png

CP Logistics Park: Vancouver

CP is proposing to build a multi-modal, multi-commodity transload and logistics facility on strategic land holdings adjacent to its existing intermodal rail facility in Pitt Meadows, B.C. The proposed facility, named the CP Logistics Park: Vancouver, is in the early stages of design and is subject to regulatory approval prior to CP's final investment decision. Members of the community are invited to visit to learn more about the project and provide their feedback.

Pitt Meadows Road and Rail Improvement Project

The Vancouver Fraser Port Authority is leading the Pitt Meadows Road and Rail Improvement project that will eliminate the rail crossings at Harris Road and Kennedy Road. Along with the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority and the Government of Canada, CP is currently investing in the Pitt Meadows Road and Rail Improvements Project through the National Trade Corridors Fund. More information about the Pitt Meadows Road and Rail Improvements Project can be found on the project website.

Vancouver – Commissioner Street Rail Expansion Project

CP is expanding its existing railway infrastructure in Vancouver to improve capacity and fluidity on the south shore of the Port of Vancouver. The project was reviewed under the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA) Project and Environmental Review (PER) process between August 2021 and April 2022. In May 2022, the VFPA issued Project Permit No. 21-042 authorizing CP to construct and operate the Project. Construction is scheduled to start the week of September 26, 2022, with all work anticipated to be completed by October 31, 2023.

For more information about the project, visit the project page here

Burrard Inlet Road and Rail Improvement Program - Cascadia Support Tracks (Phase 4)

Led by Canadian Pacific Railway (CP), the Cascadia Support Tracks Project involves the expansion of the existing K09 track by approximately 4,500 feet to provide 8,500 feet of clear capacity from the east car spot location at the Viterra Cascadia dumper. The expansion will require a 300-foot long retaining wall and 45-foot ballast deck bridge, and reconfiguration of the existing service tracks at the Parkland Refinery. The new track will connect to the North Track about 3,000 feet east of the Parkland Refining at-grade crossing. The west end of the tracks will connect into the CP yard tracks and Cascadia Terminal tracks to the west.

A new embankment grade will be constructed along the shore of the Burrard Inlet using equipment positioned on barges. Marine-based equipment will include, but may not be limited to: spud barge that will support work by heavy construction equipment, small ramp barge, an aggregate supply barge, support push tugs, towing tugs and transport work skiffs/vessls. Additional work areas will be accessed through the Parkland Refinery. Expansion into the Burrard Inlet will include the placement of clean, engineered fill material below the normal high water mark within the Vancouver Fraser Port Authority (VFPA) jurisdiction. As this will result in a Harmful Alteration, Disruption or Destruction (HADD) of fish habitat at the project location, fish habitat off-setting will be constructed to the east of Berry Point to counterbalance the HADD.

The construction phase of the project, including the fish habitat off-setting scope, is planned between Sept. 8, 2022 and Dec. 31, 2023. Work hours are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday within the VFPA jurisdiction. Should extended work hours be required to meet key Project timelines, a formal request to the VFPA will be prepared and submitted.

The Project is conditional on the successful and timely receipt of all applicable permits, licenses and approvals from the authorities having jurisdiction. CP has applied for permits, licenses and approvals from:

a.            Vancouver Fraser River Port Authority (Category C Project Permit application; 20-095);

b.            Fisheries and Oceans Canada (Sec. 35(2) Fisheries Act Authorization; File 21-HPAC-00667); and

c.             Transport Canada Navigable Waters Division (Navigation Protection Act).

The proposed project has been posted on the Canadian Impact Assessment Registry with an opportunity for public comment between March 21 and April 20, 2022. The registry posting is available here. The VFPA project webpage is available here.  

Burnaby Cascadia Phase 4.jpg



Calgary - Green Line LRT

Work will take place on CP property in the area of 69th Avenue SE to accommodate the City of Calgary Green Line LRT project. Information on this project is available through the City website at

Calgary - 9 Avenue SE Road Closure  

Weekdays from 7 p.m. to 5 a.m. through November 2022, CP will close 9 Avenue SE to vehicle traffic under the rail overpass in Inglewood. Detours are in place during those hours.

The south walkway remains open for pedestrian use.

The road closure is necessary to conduct repairs to the rail overpass. 

Project location:

Inglewood project location.jpg

Detour routes:

Inglewood detours.jpg



Toronto, Ont. – Davenport Diamond grade separation project

The Davenport Diamond is the rail intersection where the Metrolinx Barrie GO corridor meets the CP rail tracks, near Davenport Rd. and Lansdowne Ave. Metrolinx is currently constructing a rail overpass for GO trains. Information on this project is available through the Metrolinx website

Oshawa to Bowmanville, Ont. – Lakeshore East GO corridor 

Metrolinx is expanding the GO train corridor between Oshawa and Bowmanville.  Preliminary engineering work is being performed on CP property at this time. Please visit the Metrolinx website for details.

Terrace Bay, Ont. – Selim siding project

CP plans to construct an extension at the west end of the current Selim Siding, located from Mile 10.14 to 11.47, Nipigon Subdivision. Once completed, the siding will be 14,070 feet long. The project will be approximately 35 kilometres west of Terrace Bay, Ont. Work will be contained to CP property and include the construction of grade and culverts as required, construction of track and corresponding signals and communications infrastructure.  Construction of the siding extension is expected to be complete by Sept. 30, 2022.

Marathon, Ont. – Struthers siding project

CP plans to construct an extension at the west end of the current Struthers Siding, located from Mile 34.2 to 35.3, Nipigon Subdivision. Once completed, the siding will be 12,270 feet long. The project will be approximately 43 kilometres east of Marathon, Ont. The construction of grade and culverts as required, construction of track and corresponding signals and communications infrastructure will take place starting mid-July with crews working Monday to Friday during daylight hours. Construction of the siding extension is expected to be complete by Oct. 31, 2022.



Les Cèdres - Intermodal complex

Les Cedres intermodal complex

​The CP project at Les Cèdres is currently part of a company-wide review of existing facilities. As a result of this extensive review, there has been no firm timeline set for the discussion of plans at this site. We remain committed to informing all interested parties about the status of the Les Cèdres project, and about our operations in the municipality.​



​If you have questions about these or other projects, contact our Community Connect team here.