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2023-1-12 Shoreham FALA (SR380) 2020 2021 Annual Site Rem Rep_East Side_Ashland_69699East Side1/12/2023
Final to MPCA 2023-01-12-FALA-2020-2021 Annual Rpt_East Side_Ashland_69697East Side1/12/2023
DWORSKY BARRELNo Further Action LetterAI 195509 12-29-2022_McFarland Dworsky_69696McFarland Dworsky12/29/2022
2022-12-21 MDA No Further Action _McFarland Dworsky_69692McFarland Dworsky12/21/2022
2022-12-13 MDA Approval MW01-03-I Well Sealing Report_McFarland Dworsky_69693McFarland Dworsky12/13/2022
Follow-up to Closure Discussion - 11.30.22_McFarland Dworsky_69597McFarland Dworsky11/30/2022
Email re Meeting Request Shoreham FALA, Status Update 11.11.22_East Side_69602East Side11/11/2022
RES35A 10.17.2022 2022 Soil Inv WP RTC MDA Apprvl_Cedar Service_69587Cedar Service10/17/2022
2022-10.11 RAIR Response to MPCA Comments_East Side_69601East Side10/11/2022
Site Investigation Work Plan_2022-10-07_Cedar Service_69591Cedar Service10/7/2022
Industrial Discharge Permit 2289-P220907-221001-Permit_East Side_69607East Side10/1/2022
RES35C 09.30.2022 2022 Well Receptor Survey MDA Approval_Cedar Service_69588Cedar Service9/30/2022
2022 Annual GW Mon Rpt Cedar Service 9.29.22 Submittal_Cedar Service_69603Cedar Service9/29/2022
2022 Cedar GW Mon Rpt Final (9-29-22)_Cedar Service_69583Cedar Service9/29/2022
2022-09-23 East_Side_RAIR-R2-FINAL_East Side_69586East Side9/23/2022
2022-09-23 RAIR Response to MPCA Comments_East Side_69606East Side9/23/2022
RES36L 2022-09-23 RAIR Response to MPCA Comments_East Side_69589East Side9/23/2022
Email Sep 14 2022 from Barr re Request for Rationale From MPCA_McFarland Dworsky_71885McFarland Dworsky9/14/2022
Email 2022-9-7 Reissued Industrial Discharge Permit 2289_East Side_69608East Side9/7/2022
2022 Aug 23 Inspection Letter_Soo Line Dump_69584Soo Line Dump8/23/2022
2022.08.04 - MPCA Review of Revised RA Impl Report_East Side_69585East Side8/4/2022
2022-7-22 Soil Gas Sampling Summary MPCA Approval_McFarland Dworsky_69600McFarland Dworsky7/22/2022
MDA Soil Gas Invest Apprvl 07.21.2022_McFarland Dworsky_69598McFarland Dworsky7/21/2022
2022-7-6 Submittal SR380 2021 Annual Rpt Overburden GW Southeast_East Side_69604East Side7/6/2022
2022-06 Final Shoreham Yd Well Receptor Survey_Cedar Service_71880Cedar Service6/27/2022
Barr 2022-6-24 Soil Gas Sampling Summary Letter_McFarland Dworsky_71882McFarland Dworsky6/24/2022
June 24 2022 Submittal of Soil Vapor Summary Report to MPCA and MDA_McFarland Dworsky_71883McFarland Dworsky6/24/2022
Email dated June 13 Submittal of Updated Receptor Survey to MDA_Cedar Service_71879Cedar Service6/13/2022
Email May 5 2022 Re OPD Well Screen Approval from MDA_Cedar Service_71881Cedar Service5/5/2022
Email May 3 22 Integral to MPCA re Sub-Slab Vapor Results_East Side_Ashland _69352East Side5/3/2022
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