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McFarland Dworsky

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RES364 Email dated Feb 2 2022 from MPCA re Approval of Modified Soil Vapor Sampling Plan_McFarland Dworsky_71464McFarland Dworsky2/2/2022
RES364 Email dated Jan 27 2022 Re Revise Soil Gas Sampling Plan for MDA and MPCA Approval_McFarland Dworsky_71499McFarland Dworsky1/27/2022
RES364 Email dated Jan 20 2022 from MPCA re Comments on Soil Vapor Sampling Plan_McFarland Dworsky_71500McFarland Dworsky1/20/2022
RES364 McFarland MDA Approval dated 01.20.2022 of Soil Gas Work Plan_McFarland Dworsky_71490McFarland Dworsky1/20/2022
Email Dated Nov 30 2021 with 2022 Soil Gas Sampling Work Plan to MPCA and MDA_McFarland Dworsky_71404McFarland Dworsky11/30/2021
RES364 McFarland Dworsky Barr 2022 Soil Gas Sampling Work Plan - Nov 30 2021_McFarland Dworsky_71376McFarland Dworsky11/30/2021
Email dated October 25 2021 from MPCA re Required Soil Vapor Sampling_McFarland Dworsky_71168McFarland Dworsky10/25/2021
Email dated Oct 18 2021 to MPCA re Data Presentation and Request for Meeting_McFarland Dworsky_71164McFarland Dworsky10/18/2021
Email dated Aug 13 2021 re MPCA Approval to Seal Monitoring Well MW0103I_McFarland Dworsky_71041McFarland Dworsky8/13/2021
Email dated July 6 2021 re Request for NFA from MPCA on McFarland Dworsky with Recorded Covenant_McFarland Dworsky_71094McFarland Dworsky7/6/2021
Email dated June 30 2021 re Request for Approval to Seal Monitoring Well MW01-03-I_McFarland Dworsky_71140McFarland Dworsky6/30/2021
McFarland Dworsky Recorded Affidavit L-004349 - May 26 2021_McFarland Dworksy_71036McFarland Dworsky5/26/2021
LIC331554_Mpls PCAR Certificate_McFarland Dworsky_71199McFarland Dworsky1/1/2021
Aug 26 2020 Email from MPCA Re Draft Affidavit for Collective Agency Review_McFarland Dworsky_70855McFarland Dworsky8/26/2020
July 21 2020 Email with Draft Affidavit for Collective Agency Review_McFarland Dworsky_70856McFarland Dworsky7/21/2020
April 6 2020 MPCA Comments re Shoreham Institutional Controls_McFarland Dworsky_70854McFarland Dworsky4/6/2020
2018 Annual Soil Cover Inspection - McFarland Dworsky_64585McFarland Dworsky1/16/2019
2017 Annual Soil Cover Inspection_62059McFarland Dworsky10/26/2017
2016 Annual Soil Cover Inspection_60365McFarland Dworsky10/3/2016
McFarland 2015 Annual Soil Cover Inspection_59291McFarland Dworsky11/13/2015
2014 Annual Soil Cover Inspection-McFarland_56490McFarland Dworsky11/13/2014
Monitoring Well Sealing Report to MDA_56025McFarland Dworsky7/7/2014
Monitoring Well Sealing Report to MPCA_56024McFarland Dworsky7/7/2014
2013 Annual Soil Cover Inspection_55370McFarland Dworsky10/11/2013
email-MPCA responds to SAAC follow up Parkside_55410McFarland Dworsky9/26/2013
Email-MPCA responds to SAAC questions_50382McFarland Dworsky3/27/2013
Monitoring Well Sealing Record-to MDA_49427McFarland Dworsky11/28/2012
Monitoring Well sealing record-to MPCA_49425McFarland Dworsky11/27/2012
MDA approves 2012 Well abandonment_49750McFarland Dworsky11/13/2012
MPCA approves Well abandonment_49751McFarland Dworsky11/13/2012
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