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Soo Line Dump

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Email dated Sep 2 2021 from Barr to MPCA re Submittal of 2021 Soo Line Dump Inspection Report_Soo Line Dump_71172Soo Line Dump9/2/2021
Soo Line Dump Site (VP5081) – 2021 Annual Soil Cover Inspection_Soo Line Dump_71025Soo Line Dump9/2/2021
Sep 9 2020 Submittal of Annual Inspection Report_Soo Line Dump_70858Soo Line Dump9/9/2020
Feb 18 2020 Email with Soo Line Dump 2014 Environmental Covenant Recorded Copy_70857Soo Line Dump2/18/2020
2020 Email Re 2019 Annual Site Inspection_Soo Line Dump_70311Soo Line Dump1/28/2020
2018 Annual Soil Cover Inspection - Soo Line Dump_64584Soo Line Dump1/16/2019
2017 Annual Soil Cover Inspection - Shoreham Dump_62060Soo Line Dump10/26/2017
2014 Annual Soil Cover inspection letter report_53936Soo Line Dump11/12/2014
Environmental Covenant and Easement-Soo Dump_56023Soo Line Dump4/9/2014
2013 Annual Soil Cover Inspection_55397Soo Line Dump10/11/2013
email-SAAC question on Parkside-MPCA response_52951Soo Line Dump9/24/2013
2012 Site inspection letter report_49280Soo Line Dump7/31/2012
2011 Annual Inspection Letter Report_45345Soo Line Dump2/14/2012
MPCA Comments on Environmental Covenant_46070Soo Line Dump10/26/2011
Email - MPCA Approval of Closure Request (27856)_27856Soo Line Dump12/15/2008
RAP Implementation Rpt (28051)_28051Soo Line Dump10/16/2007
Spr 2007 Ann Inspect (27858)_27858Soo Line Dump10/9/2007
Shoreham Facility Fact Sheet - Oct 2006 (28050)_28050Soo Line Dump10/1/2006
Resp Action Apprvl (27861)_27861Soo Line Dump8/24/2006
RAP (28049)_28049Soo Line Dump7/27/2006
Existing Cover Assmnt Ltr Rpt (28048)_28048Soo Line Dump2/6/2006
Site Closure Plan (27864)_27864Soo Line Dump10/31/2005
Ph II Stage III Invest Comment ltr (27865)_27865Soo Line Dump7/5/2005
Ph II Stage III Invest Rpt (28052)_28052Soo Line Dump2/28/2005
Ltr WP for VIC Ph II Stage III Invest (27869)_27869Soo Line Dump11/11/2004
Cover Ltr - 2003 VIC AGWMR of the Unconfined Aquif (25235)_25235Soo Line Dump9/30/2004
2003 Ann Rpt (28047)_28047Soo Line Dump3/5/2004
Ph II Rpt Comment Ltr (27873)_27873Soo Line Dump8/29/2003
Ph II Stage II Invest (28046)_28046Soo Line Dump2/28/2003
Ph II Rpt Comment Ltr (27875)_27875Soo Line Dump11/21/2002
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