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Become a customer

​​​​​From quotes to credit, we'll help you plan your shipments. 

1. Establish a quote

We offer a range of cost-effective transportation solutions to suit all your shipping needs. We'll work to understand your requirements ahead of time and then establish a quote, so you won't get any surprises on your invoice. 

To create a quote: 

  • contact your Account Manager
  • 1-877-277-7283 (Bulk and Industrial Products)
  • 1-877-225-5277 (Intermodal and Food/Consumer Carload)
  • or request a quote online

To understand your quote, make shipping easy and avoid unnecessary charges and delays, read Tariff 1 - Products and Services Guide. This tariff explains our core service, what's included in your quote and outlines steps and processes to help you avoid extra charges and delays. 

2. Establish credit

Before your goods are shipped, you need to secure credit with our credit department. Obtaining credit, maintaining your account in good standing and ensuring your continued credit worthiness are the best ways to ensure your goods are shipped on time. Without credit, shipments must be paid for in cash before they're moved. We reserve the right to cancel previously-issued credit at any time, at our discretion. 

3. ​Sign up for Customer Station

Instantly access the information you need to manage your shipments including:
  • shipment tracing and reporting
  • submit electronic shipping instructions
  • request empty railcar equipment placements and releases
  • diversions