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Credit Application Form

Please ensure a shipping quote has been obtained prior to submitting a credit application.​

For assistance in completing the online credit application please call Credit Department at 1-877-404-0433.

To create a quote, contact your Account Manager or request a quote online at

Principal Office (Name and Head Office Information):
Physical Address:
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Mailing Address:
Nature of Business:
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Please include area or country code
Please include area or country code
Parent or Related Company Information (If Applicable):
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GST Tax Exemption:
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Bank references:
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Our standard credit terms is Net 15 days from Invoice Date with interest charged on past dues at 12% pa.
For further details about our credit terms, please review Tariff 1, item 200, No. 10.

Credit is extended at our discretion once a comprehensive review of all financial statements has been completed.
If credit cannot be established after the initial review, two alternatives are available:

1. You can pay for your shipments in cash, prior to movement (this may result in manual-processing charges).
2. Performance security, which meets our requirements, can be provided.
We reserve the right to cancel issued credit at any time, at our discretion. To prevent shipping delays, please ensure all payments are made in full, within payment terms.

As part of your Credit Application process, you will be required to provide the following information and documents submitted to
  • Copy of Articles of Incorporation, Government Registration or other legal document confirming the legal entity name
  • Copy of Financial Statements (Balance Sheet and Income Statement)
  • Tax Exemption Certificate, if applicable
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