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Customer API

API – Application Programming Interface

APIs are used to integrate two or more different systems for the real-time exchange of data and services. They allow you to retrieve key data from CP about your shipments directly into your applications. APIs are used in many daily situations, such as when you check the weather on your phone or order food via a delivery service.

API BenefitS

API Offerings

Company Name(s)

  • Retrieve all the company names that are associated with, or belong to, your company grouping
  • Use the list to retrieve data for all Company Names on other APIs

  • Put specific containers into off-hire status to reduce costs (up to 15 containers per request)

Carload Track & Trace
  • Receive current tracking information
  • Receive the last reported event for your shipment
  • Get Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) to the final destination
  • Get Estimated Time to Interchange (ETI)
  • Receive Waybill information
  • Receive Bad Order status

Carload Track & Trace by Equipment

Equipment List API

  • Retrieve a comprehensive list of all your equipment IDs

Detailed Equipment List API

  • Narrow down your search to retrieve current tracking information
  • Retrieve last reported event
  • Receive Waybill information
  • Receive Bad Order status

Bulk Shipment - Coming soon

Get real-time information for your Bulk Trains with ETA and train consist details with the following two APIs:
  • Bulk Train Line-up: Get the train group and the associated specification
  • Bulk Train Consist: Get car level details associated with the train

Get Started

API Support

For API Support, call 1-888-333-8111