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Customer safety

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​We have developed a Customer Safety Handbook to help your employees work more safely and efficiently and our employees can do the same when working on your property.​

Your business depends on safe, efficient and on-time product shipment. That, in turn, depends on our employees having a safe environment while working on your property. 

To that end, we've developed a Customer Safety Handbook designed to educate employees how to work appropriately on and around railway equipment, raise your employees' awareness of situations that may impact safety, and reduce the frequency of customer-caused train accidents and injuries to CP employees while switching on customer tracks.

Customer Safety Handbook

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The handbook also includes information about the following:

  • Customer safety requirements 
  • Railcars: Hand brakes, doors and wheel Sets 
  • Railcar handling: Loading, lifting, moving 
  • Transportation of dangerous goods 
  • Trackside protection & signage 
  • Working on, or near tracks 
  • Railway clearances 
  • Track & structure maintenance 
  • CP Customer inspection/audit process 
  • Safety standards on CP property 
  • Security on the railway 
  • Railway safety resources and materials 
  • Important/Emergency phone numbers

Motor Carrier Safety

Motor Carrier intermodal safety videoThis video explains the rules you need to follow in our Intermodal yards to ens​ure the safety of yourself and our employees'​

​​Watch the video​​​​​​​​​​​​​



At CP, Safety is one of our core foundations. We are obligated to ensure our terminals are a safe environment to work in. For us to maintain our status as the safest railway in North America, we are changing the violation process to ensure all permitted carriers are working as safely as possible when coming onto our property. ​ Learn more >​​


2022 Winter Focus Customer Safety Le​tter​​​​

Safety Audit

Schedule a CP safety audit or obtain information on contractors available for an inspection or maintenance of your track, by contacting your local CP operations office or Customer service representative.

Sam​ple Audit Form

Secure and prepare your shipment

CP's Damage Prevention team provides best practices, CP-approved load patterns, on-site inspections, loading and unloading reports, and specialized customer or commodity training programs.

Learn more​​​