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Damage prevention and claims

​​​​​​​​We’re committed to safe and secure shipping because our customers and communities deserve peace-of mind.​

Safe, damage free loading starts with our customers and our loading patterns, standards and rules establish the procedures for safe and secure loading of cargo for rail transport.

​Loading gu​​​​ides

We've put together the following guides to help you prevent damage while shipping your goods. Select the type of goods you will be shipping from the list below.

Sealing requi​​rements

We have formalized our rules on seals and support of our customer’s use of ISO 17712 security seals for all shipments. For more information, read our Tariff 1 – Guide to Products and Services or the General SOP for Seals Guide.

Restricted com​​​modities

We prohibit the transport of improperly-secured loads that may damage our equipment or the environment. For further information, read our Guide to Products and Services Tariff 1 and the Appendix to Intermodal Supplemental Services Tariff 3

File a cl​​aim

If damage or loss occurs to your shipment, our claims process​ will guide you through the necessary steps. Following this process not only protects your interests but also helps us promptly resolve your claim.​ ​

 Need more info?

CP's Damage Prevention and Claim Services team provides best practice, approved load patterns, quality audits and specialized customer or commodity training programs.

For further information, read our Tariff 1 - Guide to Products and Services or contact us. ​