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File a claim

​​​​​​​We do our best to keep your shipments in the condition we received them. Here's what to do if your goods are damaged in transit.​

Filling out a claim is a legal process that must follow a series of steps. Before you file a claim, please review our FAQs​ to determine if you're ready to proceed.

Then, follow the steps outlined below. We will determine if a railway inspection is required. If damage to your shipment is severe, immediately cease unloading and contact our Damage Prevention & Claim Services team by email at​.

1. Reporti​​​​ng

As the receiver and/or consignee, it's your responsibility to report any shortages and/or damages to your delivering railroad. Your first step is to let us know that you have shortages and/or damages by filing an Intent to Claim at​..  ​

What you'll need to report

If shipping containers have been damaged, provide the type and location of damage—e.g., hole in roof in middle of container.

  • State the condition of goods, seal number(s) and container or rail car number.
  • Report whether the product was shifted or broken or has displaced blocking and bracing devices.
  • Provide detailed information on damage condition or shortage, along with photographs. 
  • If possible, verify the exact piece count and compare it to what the invoice or shipping documents state.

2. Produ​​ct dis​​posi​​tion

As part of the claims process, you must decide on product disposition—whether or not to accept the product as-is and claim in that regard, or refuse the goods and give up ownership of the product.

  • These are questions to consider before refusing your damaged goods:
  • Can I recoup the damaged goods to minimize the amount of loss?
  • Can I repair the damaged goods at a reasonable cost?
  • Can I sell the damaged goods at a reasonable discount?
  • Considering that a salvage dealer would compete with me in the marketplace, would it be in my best interest to handle the goods myself?
  • Am I in a better position to sell the damaged merchandise to a salvage dealer at a better price than the carrier can obtain, considering my knowledge of the product and its real value?
  • Do I understand that if goods are refused and it is later shown there is no carrier liability, I will receive only the salvage amount the carrier received?
  • Is there any other action that I can take to minimize the loss?
  • Have I requested an inspection from the carrier?
  • Have I minimized the possibility of further damage to the goods while in my possession in the event that carrier handling of salvage is chosen?
  • Have I identified probable cause of damage so that it can be prevented on future shipments? 
  • When an inspector arrives, am I prepared to discuss my intentions regarding the damaged goods? 

Please provide your disposition in writing to the Claims Department by email to​

3. Filing a cl​​​​aim

File your claim by sending the Claim Submission form​, with supporting documentation, to​ or by fax to 1-877-685-3555. You can also mail the form to: 

Damage Prevention & Claim Services
Building #7, 478 McPhilips St.  
Winnipeg, MB

To inquire as to the status of a loss or damage freight claim filed or for additional information related to freight claims, please email​.