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Grain Performance for 2019-20 crop year

Working in close collaboration with Canadian government officials, CP has developed a system that allows for open and transparent sharing of information to government on its grain movements. 

In addition to the information being shared with Transport Canada, CP voluntarily publishes a weekly supply chain scorecard. The scorecard outlines CP's performance for the previous grain week and includes, when necessary, detailed information on any internal or external factors affecting grain movement. The scorecard includes movements of Western Canadian grain and grain products consistent with those required by the minimum mandate legislation of 2013-14, as well as movements of soybeans and other non-regulated principal field crops.

Supply Chain Scorecard for Week 23

​Thunder Bay​Vancouver​Eastern Canada​Western Canada​
​US Destinations​Total
​​Metric Tonnes​​​​
​​Week 23, January 5 - January 1141,836
  • CP moved 428,938 metric tonnes of Canadian grain and grain products in Week 23.
  • Rain continues to cause vessel-loading challenges in Vancouver and has resulted in significant lost unloads and reduced capacity at terminals.
  • Extreme cold across the prairies is limiting grain movement across the grain supply chain. CP has moved to winter train length operations and some customers are restricting grain loading to daylight hours only.
  • CP is working closely with these customers to manage through the impacts of the recent extreme cold temperatures.
​​Week 22, December 29 - January 4
  • CP moved 440,541 metric tonnes of Canadian grain and grain products in Week 22.
  • Port terminal holiday closures for up to five days in the past two weeks impacted unload performance.
  • Weather and persistent rain have also caused vessel-loading challenges and significantly reduced rail unloads at the West Coast ports over the past two weeks.
  • CP asks all industry stakeholders to continue to look for solutions to the long-standing issue of vessel loading in the rain.
  • The fourth quarter of 2019 was a record. Read CP's news release here.
​​Week 21, December 22 - December 28
  • CP moved 529,090 metric tonnes of Canadian grain and grain products in Week 21.
  • Port terminal closures on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day impacted volumes. New Year's Eve and New Year's Day closures will impact volumes in Week 22.
  • The Port of Thunder Bay has received its last orders for the Thunder Bay shipping season. With this closure, CP plans to supply 4,250 grain hopper cars each week.
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​CP’s Performance to 2019-20 Crop Year, including Week 23

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