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Pricing and tariffs

CPKC fees for accessorial or supplemental service events will be assessed per the applicable tariff governing the legacy location where the event occurs [i.e. CP tariffs will be applied at legacy CP locations, KCS tariffs will be applied at legacy KCS locations and KCSM tariffs will be applied at legacy KCSM locations].  When supplemental service events take place at the Knoche Joint Agency Yard in Kansas City, the applicable tariff will be the one that coincides with the CPKC origin [track, industry, terminal or interchange] for that shipment.  Additionally, each shipment is subject to applicable tariff rules and regulations [CP, KCS or KCSM] based on CPKC origin.

Supplemental Services

Environmental Surcharges

Fuel Surcharges

Other Tariffs

Tariffs are amended from time to time.  Updates will be posted here.


Tariff publishing system

To access Carload pricing tools, please log into Customer Station​.  

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