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Products and services guide


Tariff 1 - Product and services guideEffective January 1, 2022

Tariff 1 - Products and services guideExpires December 31, 2021


Inside the products and services guide: ​

  • Getting set up to ship
  • Safety starts with you
  • Door direct service
  • Terminal direct service
  • Sending shipping instructions
  • Shipment on the way: rail transit
  • Invoicing and payment
  • Rules and regulations

FAQs about this tariff

What is Tariff 1, CP's guide to products & services?

Tariff 1, CP's guide to products and services, has been created to help you understand what services are included in your quote. Following the steps and processes outlined here will help you to avoid both extra charges and delays.

What is the purpose of Tariff 1?

Tariff 1, CP's guide to products and services, is in place to increase ease of doing business and provide clarity around the services that are included in a standard quote, effectively to encourage safe and fluid railway operations. This guide will help you avoid extra charges by following the steps as outlined. 

Does this mean prices are changing for services I'm already receiving?

While there are some changes to tariff prices for supplemental or ancillary services, the services included in your quote are effectively the same. You should expect to continue to receive the same services you receive today, so long as they are included in Basic Freight or negotiated in your contract. CP's guide to products and services does not supersede your contract.

What happens if I get services that aren't in CP's guide to products and services?

Initially, if such services were intended to be included and are described in the applicable contract, you should expect to continue to receive the services you receive today. If the services are not included in your quote or contract, you and your Account Manager can discuss how updates may impact future fees.