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Tariff 5 - Unit train

Tariff 5 - Unit train supplemental servicesEffective May 1, 2023

Tariff 5 - Unit train supplemental servicesExpires April 30, 2023


​​​​​​ ​​​​​Inside the unit train supplemental services guide 
  • Definitions
  • What happens when a unit train is held
  • Delays to locomotive power
  • Holding a unit train​

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About this tariff

What is tariff 5?

The unit train tariff was created to encourage efficient movement of unit trains through CP's network. Clear sidings and yard arrival/departure tracks are key to fluid train operations, and when customers ask or require a unit train held on CP tracks it impairs our ability to operate. These situations are relatively rare today, so use of the tariff is expected to be accordingly infrequent. 

Does this tariff apply to me?

This tariff applies to "unit trains" or "solid trains" of 50 or more cars moving together to the same destination. In some cases customers have negotiated arrangements that are described in the applicable contract and these will continue. If the services are not included in your quote or contract, you and your Account Manager can discuss how updates may impact future fees.