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Tariff 8 - Hazardous commodities


Tariff 8 - Hazardous commoditiesEffective April 1, 2023

Tariff 8 - Hazardous commoditiesExpires March 31, 2023

Prices, charges and rules

  • Definitions
  • Surcharges
  • Private equipment
  • Loading and documentation
  • Additional charges due to government action
  • Intermodal commodity restrictions
  • Removal and disposition of Hazardous Materials at destination
  • Positive chain of custody of RSSM shipments
  • Transportation of Toxic Inhalation Hazards/Poison Inhalation Hazards

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about this tariff

What is the purpose of Tariff 8?

Tariff 8 is in place to highlight prices uniquely applicable to Hazardous Commodities that are moved by CP. These prices are in place to provide strong incentive for ensuring safe and fluid railway operations.

To most effectively avoid these fees, we strongly encourage all CP customers to familiarize themselves with applicable laws, regulations, safe handling, and other best practices specific to the Hazardous Commodity they are moving. Additionally, all customers must be familiar with Tariff 1, CP's guide to products & services included in all customer quotes, and the CP Customer Safety Handbook, which outlines CP's high safety standards.

Does this tariff apply to me?

This tariff applies to all shipments carrying Dangerous Goods, Hazardous Materials, Toxic Inhalant Hazardous (TIH) or Poisonous Inhalant Hazardous (PIH) commodities, collectively referred to as Hazardous Commodities.

What does CP classify as TIH?

CP does not classify commodities as TIH; TIH classification is determined by the Canadian and U.S. governments, who each publish their own lists of what is deemed toxic or poisonous by inhalation. The AAR has created a relatively simple circular (OT-55i) which can be found at the following website: