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Grain shipping guides

​​​​​​​Shipping grain? Here's what you need to know.​

Grain Products & Services

Canadian Pacific's 2019-20 products  and services are comprised of our Dedicated Train Program, a Dedicated Auction Train and an Open Distribution weekly order deck.

Grain Products & Services guide

Grain car request System

Our Grain Car Request System takes the guesswork out of ordering grain cars. Through our easy-to-use online system, you can:

  • Enter requests for all your shipping origins, for one or many weeks at a time.
  • Gain 24/7 access to the service plans for your programmed requests.
  • Gain 24/7 access to your current open requests over all weeks past, present and future.
  • Search or sort on-screen by entering keywords. 
  • Export your records to one of several file types. 

To access the system, log in to Customer Station


​Canadian Grain Elevator & Terminal Directory(1Mb)

Producer cars

For information on the available producer car sites in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, please download the respective files below:




Self-administe​​​red cars 

For self-administered producer cars only, please send the bills of lading to our Customer Service Centre:
Phone: 1-800-704-4000

Car place​ment

For issues relating to car placement, location or respots (a secondary switch needed to place a car that has been incorrectly-spotted for loading) please contact our Car Control Districts at 1-800-704-4000. Once loading is complete, send your fax release to us at 1-204-947-8273.

Fully-administere​d cars

All inquiries related to fully-administered producer cars should be made through the grain company administering the shipment on behalf of the producer loader.

Overloaded or improperly loaded cars

Please read our loading guidelines​​, as well as the safety, cost and efficiency considerations outlined in Tariff 2 Railcar supplemental services

Additional Sources

Find producer car information, along with checklists for shipping, on the Canadian Grain Commission web site.​

 Monthly grain update

Murray Hamilton, CP's AVP, Sales & Marketing, Grain, provides an update to our producers, shippers and supply chain partners.