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Alcohol and Drug Programs (Canada)



Safety is a core foundation of CP and is fundamental to everything we do. CP is committed to protecting our people, customers, assets as well as the environment and communities in which we operate. We are also committed to a healthy and safe workplace. CP's Alcohol and Drug Policies, as well as accompanying procedures (collectively, the "Policies") support these commitments. 

Onsite Drug and/or Alcohol Testing

To schedule a CP onsite drug and/or alcohol testing event in Canada, contact DriverCheck at 800-463-4310.  

Employee Helpline for Drug and Alcohol Assistance

For assistance and help in dealing with problems concerning drug and/or alcohol use, you may contact CP's Employee and Family Provider (EFAP) at 1-800-735-0286. 

Alcohol and Drug Policy and Procedures

HR 203 - Alcohol and Drug Policy |HR 203 Alcohol and Drug Policy, Sept 1, 2019 update - French.pdf

HR 203.1 - Alcohol and Drug Procedures|HR 203.1 Alcohol and Drug Procedures, Sept 1, 2019 update - French.pdf

HR 203.2 - Alcohol and Drug Assistance Through Company Officer and Co-Worker Reporting Procedure|HR 203.2 - French.pdf

Reasonable Suspicion Alcohol and Drug Testing

 Manager Job Aid

 Testing Flow Chart

 Testing Procedures

 Testing Referral Fillable Form - RS

Post/Incident Accident Alcohol and Drug Testing

 Manager Job Aid - Post Incident

 Testing Flow Chart

 Testing Procedures

 PI - Testing Referral Fillable Form

Qualification Drug Testing

Manager Job Aid-Qualification Test

Random Testing for Safety Sensitive and Safety Critical Non-Union Employees

Manager Job Aid - Random Testing

DriverCheck Booking Instructions - Random Testing

Employee Handout - Random Drug Testing - Canada

For additional information, please refer to the Company Non-Union Random Testing Program - Questions and Answers Guide.

For information regarding how to schedule Company Random testing, please refer to the Company Random Testing Program - January 2021 Presentation.

For information regarding a recent random testing event in Canada, please refer to What I Need to Know About My Random Drug and Alcohol Test.