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CP Station

CP Station is our online community for employees. 

Whether you are looking to catch up on company news or events, log in from any personal computer with your CP user ID and password​.

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For assistance logging on to CP Station, read these tips​, call the CP Service Desk at 1-800-387-1833, or 403-319-7777 if you are in Calgary. 

Stay informed and connected with our new CP XChange App

Using your mobile device, you can keep up-to-date on the latest employee information whenever it's convenient and safe to do so.

Read the latest company and industry news and connect with your colleagues by sharing your photos and videos.

How to download CP XChange:

  • Search CP XChange on the Apple App Store or Google Play
  • Follow the prompts to register and login. You will need your CP user ID and password and token (first time login only)
  • If you have a CP-issued mobile device, CP XChange may already be available on your home screen

Need Help?

Contact IS Chat or call the CP Service Desk at 1-800-387-1833 > choose prompt 9