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Disability Management Program

Canadian Pacific (CP) is committed to supporting employees with on-duty and off-duty injury or illness by facilitating the employment of such persons, whenever reasonable and appropriate, through a coordinated effort. The Disability Management Program supports employee health and well-being by promoting early intervention to employees who become ill or injured and facilitating timely and safe return to work. The Disability Management Program provides a consistent process through which CP supports employees with timely reintegration to regular or modified/alternate work duties, as appropriate, in conjunction with their recovery.

Managers/Supervisors, Employees, Unions, Human Resources, Health Services and the Disability Management team are all responsible for engaging in the interactive process. Following the Disability Management Procedure ensures a consistent delivery of the Disability Management Program, as well as adherence to Federal and Provincial laws related to the accommodation of employees, by promoting timely reintegration to regular, modified or alternate work duties (when feasible) in conjunction with their recovery.

Instructions and Responsibilities for Employees

As part of the mandatory Disability Management (DM) Program at Canadian Pacific (CP), employees are responsible for providing information for the provision of suitable modified work. Whether you are injured or become ill while at work or during your personal time, you have an obligation to inform CP if you will be unable to perform your regular work duties and/or anticipate time off work.

  • Employees who are unable to report for work due to injury or illness, or who require a workplace accommodation due to restrictions and/or limitations are responsible for reporting the injury/illness/accommodation request to their Manager/Supervisor immediately (by the end of their shift or at the earliest opportunity)
  • If you require medical attention, ensure that you obtain the appropriate Functional Abilities Form (FAF) based on your position (Safety Critical or Safety Sensitive/Non Safety Sensitive) and location (Canada or US)

    Safety Critical Employees – Canada
    Safety Sensitive/Non-Safety Sensitive Employees – Canada
    All US Employees 
  • Take the FAF to your initial medical appointment for completion and submission to the Company within 72 hours of reporting the injury/illness. Medical/absence notes are not accepted; employees must provide the FAF.