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Disability Management Program - US Employees

In compliance with CP's Disability Management Policy, all employees must provide information regarding functional abilities to Health Services (Safety Critical) or the Disability Management Team (Safety Sensitive/Non-Safety Sensitive) within 72 hours of going off work for a medical absence.

Step 1 – Print the appropriate FAF and take to a Doctor for completion. 

Prior to taking your FAF in to the Doctor, you must complete parts one and two on the FAF. 

For all Safety Critical / Hours of Service Employees, FAFs (which include a medical report) must be returned directly to Heath Services for a review of Fitness to Work. Upon review, Health Services will provide your Manager/Supervisor and DM Specialist with a Fitness to Work Assessment (FTWA).

For all Safety Sensitive and Non Safety Sensitive Position Employees, FAFs must be returned to the DM Specialist for review of return to work status and workplace restrictions and/or limitations. Upon review, the DM Specialist will provide your Manager/Supervisor with a Return to Work Assessment (RTWA).

Step 2 (Optional) - Short Term Disability (STD) Application Form and ADA Accommodation Request Form