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10 reasons why I love CP's Holiday Train

10-reasons.jpgMy name is Erin McIntyre and I am a university student in Calgary, Alberta. In light of the upcoming holiday season, I have looked into initiatives within the community for the opportunity to give back, and I stumbled upon Canadian Pacific's Holiday Train. Passing through Calgary on December 11, I have compiled a list of ten reasons why I love CP's Holiday Train:

  1. Two lit-up trains that travel from coast to coast across Canada and the U.S. raising donations for local food banks. … Need I say more?
  2. If you insist… The Holiday Train has raised $10.6 million and 3.3 million pounds of food for food banks across Canada and the U.S.
  3. … And all of the donations raised at each stop stay local to support communities.
  4. The trains will leave Montreal on November 27 and 28 to start the journey through 150 communities. Both trains will sport festive lights that will stay on for the duration of the tour.
  5. They sponsor artists on the Canadian leg of the tour including Jim Cuddy of Blue Rodeo and his son Devin Cuddy, Kelly Prescott and Chic Gamine. The artists on the U.S. leg include Kira Isabella, Wes Mack and Doc Walker.
  6. Did I mention the concerts are free?
  7. Regardless of the harsh Canadian winters, the show will go on! Snow, sleet and cold wind chills can't stop the performers and CP employees and families from stopping in your community.
  8. CP has paired up with the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Did you know that heart disease and strokes take one life every seven minutes in Canada? Money and donations raised during the Holiday Train encourage healthy hearts.
  9. Raising money for your community in cash and food donations, while enjoying live music and bringing awareness to encourage healthy hearts…
  10. Visiting the Holiday Train is the perfect new tradition to adopt into your family this holiday season. 
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