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Putting the little kid back into all of us

​The excitement of the Holiday Train "put the little kid back into me".  I can vividly recall last year, 2016, when the Holiday Train stopped for the first time in New Albin, Iowa.  I felt like a little child again….the anticipation, the sights and the sounds.  I recall peering down the railroad tracks and seeing the lights on the front of the train, and I found my feet jumping.  As the train approached and the lights were so magic in their placement along the sides of the train, I remember clapping like a little child.  My eyes followed the people inside the train, and I saw everyone waving to the crowd, and now everyone had the little child in them.  When the plank lowered, the stage lights were flashing with holiday colors, and the band started to play, I felt like all the years of seeing Santa and coming down the stairs to see the presents under the tree, and the gathering of all my relatives was right before us.  

It was an absolute magical time of the Canadian Pacific Holiday Train reaching into our souls and "putting the little kid back into all of us".  However, the sprinkling of that magic came when the Canadian Pacific representative announced that our Food Pantry would receive money to stock our shelves.  We suddenly were all brought to a level of excitement that cannot be described.  The Holiday Train is just exactly what this country needs not only to "put the little kid back into us", but to "give back to the little kid in all of us and the community family". 


Thank you,


Debra Stantic

New Albin, Iowa 

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