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CP's Interim Extreme Weather Fire Risk Mitigation Plan

In compliance with Transport Canada's Ministerial Order 21-06 (MO 21-06) and taking into consideration further clarification issued by Transport Canada on July 13, 2021, Canadian Pacific (CP) has developed and implemented an Interim Extreme Weather Fire Risk Mitigation Plan across its Canadian network.  

CP's Interim Extreme Weather Fire Risk Mitigation Plan includes relevant fire detection, monitoring and response activities and measures from existing plans and programs, supplemented by measures that are implemented in locations where fire danger levels are "extreme" as defined under the Canadian Wildland Fire Information System. To learn more, click here for the downloadable plan. 

Rail infrastructure is essential to Canada's supply chain. CP's Operations Center, which controls train movements, is operated 24/7/365 and includes resources dedicated to dispatching maintenance staff to reported issues on the network including reports of fire or smoke on the right of way. CP works in close collaboration with government agencies, including provincial authorities responsible for wildfire prevention and control, to share information on wildfire activity and risk.

The vast majority of wildfires are caused by nature when environmental conditions are extremely hot and dry. While railroads are not a significant cause of wildfires, this plan outlines CP's proactive approach to mitigating the risk of wildfires in the communities we operate in and through. 

Effective planning is essential to ensuring a safe and resilient rail system that continues to serve the needs of the North American supply chain. As such, CP welcomes comments from community members and stakeholders, including municipal, regional and Indigenous leaders, on the plan. We invite you to share your feedback or questions using the form below.

CP will accept feedback on the plan until August 25, 2021.

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