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Brand guidelines


​​​​​​​​​Today, we are a stronger company because of our unified approach. Similarly, a strong brand relies on one voice. A strong brand is built over time on consistency. And much like CP's operational philosophy, there is no communication material too small. To deviate from these guidelines is to diminish not only our brand, but our company. 

Our brand book ensures our company logo is clearly and consistently presented by providing guidelines for all communication materials. Please take a few moments to review our brief yet very important instructions when applying our brand to your materials.

CP Brand Book

CP logos for downloading​

To save these files to your computer, right-click on the file name (eg. Red) and choose Save link (or target) as...

TIF files (bitmap) and EPS files (vector) are used to create products such as offset documents, labels and posters.  JPGs and PNGs are used online.  JPG's and TIFs do not scale well; vector files are scalable.​​​

CP wordmark


Re​d | Black


Red​ | Black



Red | Black

CP Merchandise

We sell a variety of branded merchandise for fans of CP to purchase.  Check our online store CP Shops and wear our logo with pride.