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CP statement on Canada’s Agriculture Day from Joan Hardy, CP Vice-President Sales and Marketing, Grain and Fertilizers

Canadian Pacific (CP) is proud to support Canada's Agriculture Day. For more than 100 years, CP has been working closely with farmers and shippers to move Canadian agricultural products to market. Since day one, we have been dedicated to delivering for Canada's agriculture industry. We join Canadians in celebrating the agriculture industry and everything it does for our country, from feeding people at home and abroad to providing fulfilling careers. 

At CP, we strive to safely and efficiently move the goods and commodities that drive the North American economy. According to the 2017 Overview of the Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food System, Canada's agriculture industry accounts for nearly 7 percent of Canada's total GDP while employing approximately 2.3 million people. At CP, grain represents approximately a quarter of our revenue and is an important part of what we move every minute of every day.

Having spent time on the shipper side and on the rail side of the grain supply chain, I have a unique perspective on the agriculture industry in Canada. It is on days like this, when I reflect on all this industry has done and continues to do for our country and for the communities across the prairies, that I feel immense pride to be a part of this effort.

On behalf of the 13,000 CP railroaders who deliver for the Canadian and U.S. grain supply chain – happy Agriculture Day. CP's commitment to shipping grain and grain products has never been stronger. 


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