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​​​​​​​​​​​ From assembly plants to the markets, we've moved new and pre-owned vehicles and parts for more than 35 years.

Our extensive rail network and vehicle distribution facilities give auto manufacturers direct rail access to stations between Vancouver and Quebec City; Detroit and Chicago, and Kansas City. Assembly plants in Ontario and the U.S. Midwest have direct routing options to major markets within Canada and the U.S. Midwest and Northeast.  Through connections with other Class 1 railroads and shortline partners we can provide competitive options for reaching additional markets through Canada, U.S., Mexico, Asia and Europe. 

We handle new vehicles produced in Canada, U.S., and Mexico, as well as those handled through the ports. In addition, we handle pre-owned vehicles, as well as manufacturer and after-market parts.

Our automotive compounds, in key markets across Canada and the U.S., operate seven days a week and provide quality vehicle loading and unloading services. Through the safe handling on rail, and premium service within our compounds, we strive to exceed your expectations. ​


​We handle the movement of personal and used vehicles through our partner:

L. Hansen's Forwarding

Contact Hansen's directly for rates, schedules, and other information.

For a quote or more information about shipping automobiles or auto parts: