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​From dedicated trains to dedicated people, CP is focused on moving grain to market and has been for more than 130 years.

Grain is CP’s largest line of business and CP has been serving the grain industry for over a century. CP is driving the next level of efficiency in the North American grain supply chain by providing products and services that are competitive and help our partners win in the market. We are focused on growing our grain business through industrial development projects and ongoing service enhancements.



2022-2023 **Grain Service Outlook Report**2022-2023 **Grain Service Outlook Report** CP's report provides an assessment of our ability to move grain during the upcoming 2022-23 crop year/ResponsiveImages/fact-icons/service-2.png/en/about-cp/cp-and-public-policy/grain-service-outlook-report
**Grain Unit Train Guidelines****Grain Unit Train Guidelines**This document outlines CP’s operational and design guidelines and contact information for customers looking to upgrade or develop a shuttle/unit train capable facility./ResponsiveImages/fact-icons/service-2.png/en/our-markets-site/Documents/grain-unit-train-guidelines.pdf
**Canadian Supply Chain** performance**Canadian Supply Chain** performanceThe scorecard outlines CP's performance for the crop year, including movements of Western Canadian grain and grain products, as well as movements of soybeans and other non-regulated principal field crops./ResponsiveImages/fact-icons/graph.png/en/customer-resources/grain
**US Cycle Times****US Cycle Times**Get up-to-date information on our US shuttle trips in our key lanes./ResponsiveImages/fact-icons/Grain%20Icon.png/en/customer-resources/us-grain-cycle-times
**Next-generation** grain handling terminal**Next-generation** grain handling terminalThe G3 terminal in Vancouver has a rail loop track capable of holding up to three 134-car trains at a single time. /ResponsiveImages/fact-icons/pie-chart.png/en/our-markets/grain/next-generation-grain-handling-terminal

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Grain Hep Infographic
Greater supply chain capacity and efficiency through infrastructure investment and collaboration with our strategic partners.

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CP's Dedicated Train Program (DTP) gives our customers greater visibility and control of their car supply to manage their supply chain. 

  • First introduced in 2014, more than 75% of CP's grain business now uses the DTP
  • CP’s dedicated train program responds to dynamic market conditions, enabling customers to ensure they have the necessary capacity to ship their products to market
  • Customers control their own train assets for a period of 12 months
  • Customers use the DTP capacity they need when they need it and trains can be used in Canada and the U.S.
  • Customers who do not qualify for the DTP, or choose not to sign up for the program, can order cars in the Open Distribution program. Open distribution allows shippers to input orders for two weeks, and as orders are filled, new orders can be placed
  • The DTP is available to all customers. For further information on CP’s U.S. Dedicated Train Program, please refer to tariff 4447, items 300-400.

  • Strategically positioned through the heart of the grain producing regions in both Canada and the U.S.
  • Direct access and efficient routes from elevators to terminals at major ports of export
  • High density network of grain elevators, with 175 across the U.S. Midwest and 235 elevators across the Canadian prairies
  • CP is working to expand our entire grain network to include 8500-foot power-on capabilities
  • 127 high-throughput elevators capable of loading 100+ car unit trains in less than 24 hours
  • 13 new high-throughput grain elevators being built or recently completed
  • Over the past few years CP has invested record amounts of private sector capital into capacity-building improvements to meet the expanding needs of our grain customers

 Production facilities

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​With access to 12 major canola crush facilities representing 9 million metric tonnes (MMT) of capacity, CP is the top transportation provider for the growing oilseed processing industry in Canada. Our reach extends into the U.S. where we serve an additional 2 MMT of canola crush capacity in North Dakota and Minnesota, as well as soybean crush plants in Iowa.

Our broad network and interline partnerships allow us to provide unparalleled access to dairy and feed markets in California, the northeastern U.S. and the southern U.S. for canola meal, while our interline gateways in the Midwest provide outlets for canola oil to biodiesel facilities and food packaging plants across North America. In addition, about a quarter of the canola oil and a growing share of canola meal originating on our network moves on manifest service to CP-served facilities in Vancouver for export.

CP has access to approximately 1.3B gallons of ethanol on our network.  We transport ethanol safely and reliably from major production areas in the Midwest U.S. to key consumer markets across the Northeast U.S. and Canada.

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From our Grain Products & Services guide, Grain Car Request programs, Canadian and U.S. grain terminal, elevator locations and capacities, and damage prevention and loading guidelines, get the information you need.

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Keith Creel on CP’s grain franchise and the competitive low-cost advantage


John Brooks, CP's Chief Marketing Officer, discusses supply chain capacity and efficiency with some of our strategic partners