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CP's Grain Advantage

Our access to grain terminals and grain production facilities

CP has a unique origination among North American railways that spans the 49th parallel, giving us access to a breadth of commodities, elevators sizes and shippers unmatched in the industry.

CP has elevators across the U.S. Northern Plains and Western Canada, accessing many commodities from corn and soybeans in the U.S., to canola and wheat in Canada and everything in between. We also have access to large special crops origination servicing domestic and international markets.

CP continues to expand our origination foot print, adding new 8500-foot capable elevator capacity in the country each year.

We are also very proud of our grain products network origination. With access to 12 major canola crush facilities representing 9 million metric tonnes (MMT) of capacity, CP is the top transportation provider for the growing oilseed processing industry in Canada. Our reach extends into the U.S. where we serve an additional 2 MMT of canola crush capacity in North Dakota and Minnesota, as well as soybean crush plants in Iowa.

Our product offering

CP's Dedicated Train Program (DTP) gives our customers greater visibility and control of their car supply to manage their supply chain. DTP, first introduced in 2014, is a product that works by responding to dynamic market conditions, enabling customers to ensure they have the necessary capacity to ship their products to market.

Customers control their own train assets for a period of 12 months and use the DTP capacity they need when they need it and trains can be used in Canada and the U.S.

The DTP is available to all customers, large or small. Customers who choose not to sign up for the program can order cars in the Open Distribution program. Open Distribution allows shippers to input orders for four weeks, and new orders can be placed as soon as previous orders are filled.

Our access to major ports for export around the world

CP has access to export ports across Canada and the U.S., linking our unique origin to the world.

We have direct access to Vancouver, Thunder Bay and Montreal terminals and through our interline partners access to Quebec City in Canada.  Seamless connections through our US interline partners to the Pacific Northwest, Duluth Superior Lakes, Mississippi River and Gulf ports in the U.S. and destinations in Mexico.