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Intermodal containers

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Get the best of two worlds -- convenient truck pick-up and delivery and cost-effective, reliable rail transportation.

Handling goods shipped either in your intermodal containers or our own, we have a fleet of dry, heated or refrigerated intermodal containers, and​ provide domestic and international intermodal container services.

The CP Intermodal advantage

  • Fastest and most consistent service between Eastern Canada and the major distribution hubs of Calgary and Vancouver
  • Shortest route from Vancouver to Minneapolis-St. Paul, Chicago and Detroit
  • Domestic repositioning program that links domestic shippers to a supply of empty marine containers
  • Faster truck and container processing times at CP intermodal facilities with our FastPass automated gate kiosks
  • One of the largest fleets of refrigerated and heated containers
  • New fleet of modern generator sets equipped with advanced telematics
  • Multiple cross-border corridors and live-lift capabilities for faster customs inspections and more consistent service
  • Extensive network of transload facilities, allowing more goods to be containerized and shipped domestically or overseas

Better Equipment

CP offers one of the largest, most advanced fleets of intermodal equipment in the industry. Our Intermodal railcars are able to accommodate a wide range of container types and sizes and our fleet consists of 53’ containers, 20’ and 40’ marine containers and temperature controlled protective equipment for perishable products. We also provide access to a large pool of 40-foot refrigerated and insulated containers owned by ocean shippers as part of our domestic repositioning program.

Shipping perishable products

With over 700 53-foot refrigerated containers, CP’s growing fleet of refrigerated and heated containers is one of the largest and most advanced in the industry. And our new CP TempPro service ensures that your perishable products are transported safely in a reliable, fuel-efficient temperature-controlled environment.

We also offer insulated containers to protect goods against extreme cold weather conditions.


CP recently made the largest purchase of generator sets in railroad history, providing reliable and efficient power generation for refrigerated units.


Domestic Repositioning Program

Our Domestic Repositioning Program can get your temperature-controlled containers to major export markets faster and more cost effectively. We market your temperature-controlled intermodal containers -- which would otherwise move empty -- and use them in the North American market, improving overall service and round-trip economics by reducing empty mile moves.

Door-Direct Intermodal Service

We provide you with the economies of rail service for the long-haul and the flexibility of truck service for the pickup and delivery in one complete service package. Included in our door-direct offering are:

  • Delivery and pick-up of the shipment/equipment
  • Use of standard container and chassis for loading and unloading
  • Direct shipment transfer from truck/chassis to railcar terminal

Terminal-Direct Intermodal Service

Whether in a CP-owned or your own private intermodal container, we provide reliable and efficient ramp-to-ramp service. Included in our terminal-direct service are:

  • One in-gate or out-gate at the te​rminal, per trailer/chassis
  • Direct shipment transfer between trailer/chassis and railcar

Intermodal Shipping Guide

Our Intermodal Shipping Guide answers your questions about shipping with Canadian Pacific. An easy-to-reference manual, it includes information about rates and credit, our fleet, service plans, ordering equipment and load releases.

Read our Intermodal Shipping Guide

Our Network

With 10 well-located terminals, we connect major centres across North America with each other and the rest of the world. In North America, we move goods for a wide range of industries.

Our service between Chicago, Toronto and Montreal offers customers a truck-like service with consistent transit, even in short-haul lanes. Our service into Western Canada has the shortest route miles and provides customers with access to growing markets and we offer the fastest service between Vancouver and Minneapolis-St. Paul, Chicago and Detroit with fourth day service, connecting Canada’s Pacific Gateway to the U.S. Customers with highly time-sensitive shipments such as courier packages and perishable products can rely on CP’s transcontinental intermodal service to deliver their shipments quickly and reliably.

CP has 10 intermodal container terminals in Canada & the US with access to major ports in Vancouver, Montreal, NY & Philadelphia

To ship your goods overseas, we run to and from four major ports -- Vancouver, Montreal, New York and Philadelphia -- partnering with ocean liners that have quick access to our rail service.

Our cross-border advantage

As an integral part of intermodal supply chains, we’re helping customers become more competitive with fast and reliable cross-border service. Our status as a low-risk transportation carrier for U.S. imports let's us arrange expedited customs procedures between Canada and the U.S., helping you avoid transportation delays and added costs.

Our recent investment in live-lift capabilities at Portal, North Dakota, allow for even more efficient cross-border service between Western Canada and the U.S. Midwest. We can lift single containers off trains for customs inspections rather than setting off entire railcars -- reducing inspection time and eliminating delays on non-targeted containers.

Extending our reach

Transload & trucking

Transload & trucking

Our new Vancouver transload facility is the only transload facility in Vancouver providing rail service for intermodal containers

Connect with the world

Our partnerships with terminals, ports, highways, airports, and governments help us see beyond our rails

Short line connections

We can move your goods almost anywhere in North America with our network of rail partners

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