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Minneapolis Intermodal Terminal Improvement Project

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  • Expanded Capacity

Overall terminal capacity has increased by 33%, enabling us to get shipments to market faster and serve our customers more efficiently.

  • New Road Access

The development of a new entrance and exit off Central Avenue reduces wait times for trucks and improves access to the yard. This also enables trucks to avoid main entrance train traffic when picking up and returning empties.

  • Improved Yard Fluidity

The new loading track located near the new entrance and exit provides options to unload and pick up through truck or rail.

The new internal road provides seamless passage for trucks to visit facilities on both sides of the terminal.

  • New Empty Container Depot

Close to Central Avenue, the location of the new depot enables international intermodal customers to avoid main terminal traffic when picking up and returning empties.

  • Reduced Rail Congestion

CP trains that are not transporting intermodal containers or that do not require access to the terminal are now diverted outside of the yard. This reduces the risk of blocked crossings for trucks when entering or exiting the terminal.

Minneapolis Intermodal Yard

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Located in northeast Minneapolis, CP's Shoreham intermodal terminal provides easy access to Wisconsin, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota and Minnesota. Four major highways are in close proximity to CP's intermodal yard which means you can reach your destination faster. 

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​CPT Shoreham, operated by Ag Transfer, is located within CP’s Shoreham terminal and is in close proximity to the new empty depot.

International intermodal customers gain an advantage to load empty containers destined for export on the west and east coasts with agricultural products coming from South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota. Loading your agricultural goods at CPT Shoreham means your container never travels on public highways, so highway weight limits don’t apply.

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Demand Management

Standard, premium or flex? Our Demand Management solution enables you to pick the speed of service and the rate. Load and unload within the yard faster by operating during non-peak hours with our 24/7 operations. 

Learn more about our precision rail intermodal shipping solutions.


Customs Clearance

Portal Live-lift
Our live-lift at Portal, N.D., allows for even more efficient cross-border service between Western Canada and the U.S. Midwest.

We can lift individual containers off trains for customs inspections rather than setting off entire railcars. This reduces inspection time and eliminates delays on non-targeted containers.


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Facility address:

615 30 Avenue NE,
Minneapolis, MN, 55418


   Valerii Kucherenko
   Specialist, Marketing and Pricing