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Toronto to Calgary service

​​​​​​​​intermodal-toronto.jpgTime is critical when your business is on the line. To succeed, our customers need their goods on shelves, not en route – and they need to get it there first.

At CP, we've eliminated 20 hours off of our regular Toronto-Calgary intermodal service, making it the fastest service available. What used to arrive today now gets there yesterday. As a result, more Canadian businesses are taking advantage of our industry-leading service to become more competitive and grow their bottom line.

What this means to you

  • Faster delivery – origin to destination now in 61​​ hours
  • Reliability and consistency – new standard for on time delivery consistency
  • High-priority train service – new train designs ensure faster delivery
  • Available capacity exists now - we can service this route today
  • Shortest rail route to the important distribution hub of Calgary

We understand that speed and consistency is important to you and your business. Now, with our new service, what used to arrive today now gets there yesterday.

For more information on our new Toronto-Calgary schedules and rates:

Fill out our online form, contact our Intermodal sales team at 1-877-225-5277  or email