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Oversized and dimensional

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​​We're not intimidated by size.

W​hatever the machinery, we'​ve got a way to move it. Even if you aren't rail-served, your materials can be shipped through one of the many transload facilities​​​ located across our rail network. From the beginning, our dimensional clearance specialists will work directly with you to ensure safe and cost-effective rail transport.

We serve Canadian cities from Montreal to Vancouver, as well as key centres in the Midwest and Northeast U.S. Our Vancouver-Chicago corridor is the shortest rail route linking North American industries with key Asia-Pacific manufacturers, and our Montreal-Chicago corridor is part of an uninterrupted route from Europe to the U.S. Midwest.

Our reach isn't limited to our own network, either. We have alliances with other North American Class 1 railways, extending our reach to the Pacific Northwest, the Southern U.S. and Mexico.

The CP Machinery Rate Sheet can be used as a guide to indicate general pricing for Machinery shipments on CP's Lines. These rates are not published Tariff rates, therefore, in order to move product on our lines, please contact Shashank to setup a Commercial Agreement authorizing the movement of your shipment.​

For a quote or more information about shipping your machinery or dimensional loads, fill out our online form or contact:

Shashank Shashank
Phone: 1-647-467-6503

NOTE: For shipments where one or more characteristics apply:

  • > 12 ft. high
  • > 10'6" wide
  • > 52 ft. in length
  • Weighing more than 150,000 lbs
  • Overhang the rail car

Please send an accompanying fax or email with drawings, if available, to the Dimensional Clearance Bureau at:

Phone: 403-319-7471
Fax: 403-205-9144