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​Whether it's solid, liquid or formed sulphur, trust us to ship it safely.

Over the last 35 years, we have developed innovative, safe and highly efficient sulphur transportation systems. The result? Consider our track record:

  • We handle approximately half of all formed sulphur shipments that enter international markets from Canada. The formed sulphur from southern Alberta travels to the Port of Vancouver and on to China, Brazil, and Australia.
  • We are one of Canada's largest transporters of liquid sulphur, which is shipped from Alberta to the fertilizer industry in the southern U.S.
  • We are the world's largest rail shipper of solid sulphur. Our close work with producers supports our safe and highly efficient sulphur transportation system to and from the Port of Vancouver and on to international markets.

We move solid and liquid sulphur in unit trains, carrying approximately 11,500 tonnes of solid and 8,000 tonnes of liquid product per train. Rapid cycles and large trains allow us to carry millions of tonnes per year. 

We are focused on improving access to new sulphur production, primarily from oil sands facilities​.​

For a quote or more information about shipping sulphur:

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Garry Keavey
Marketing Manager - Potash, Coal & Sulphur