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At CP, we know that operating safely is integral to our long-term success. It's not just a requirement for doing business, it's part of who we are. This unwavering commitment to safety is why CP led the industry for the 13th consecutive year in 2018, with the lowest train accident frequency rate among Class 1 railroads in North America. 

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In 2017 CP launched CP RailSense, a new safety program aimed at preventing incidents involving the public. The goal of the program is simple - encourage safe behaviour around tracks and trains and eliminate injuries and fatalities.

Through a variety of community outreach initiatives, CP RailSense shines a light on the dangers of trespassing on, near or around train tracks in order to prevent any incidents involving trains and the public.

CP RailSense

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We continually strive to make the transportation of dangerous goods as safe as possible.​​

  • CP has trained over 25,000 first responders in hazmat response in the past five years
  • CP has assets, personnel and an emergency response contractor network to provide an effective 24/7 response across our network
  • The AskRail app provides first responders immediate access to accurate, timely data about what type of hazardous materials a railcar is carrying

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The CP Police Service works closely with communities, other law enforcement and government agencies to promote railway safety and ​​​​​​infrastructure security. We have police officers assigned to over 25 field offices responsible for railway police operations across the Canadian Pacific rail network as well as in areas where we have non-railway operations.​

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Crossing **regulations & standards**Crossing **regulations & standards**CP supports the objective to improve railway crossing safety and is committed to working with Road Authorities and crossing users to ensure compliance/ResponsiveImages/carousels/crossing-safety-2017-promo.jpg/en/safety/crossing-safety
Industry **Partners**Industry **Partners**We work with a number of industry partners who advocate the safe practices we already have in place and collaborate with us on new and innovative ways to keep raising the bar on rail safety/ResponsiveImages/carousels/OLi-logo-promo.jpg/en/safety/industry-partnerships
Community **Emergency Planning** Community **Emergency Planning**This guide is designed to supplement local emergency plans and covers key information needed by planners and responders should an incident occur/ResponsiveImages/carousels/cp-hazmat-promo.jpg/en/safety/transporting-dangerous-goods/community-emergency-planning-guide
**Emergency Response** network**Emergency Response** networkCP's 24/7 emergency response contractor network provides additional resources & personnel across CP's network/ResponsiveImages/carousels/emergency-response-network-promo.jpg/en/safety/transporting-dangerous-goods/emergency-response-network
**Customer Safety** handbook**Customer Safety** handbookThis handbook helps your employees work more safely and efficiently and our employees can do the same when working on your property/ResponsiveImages/carousels/customer-safety-handbook-promo.jpg/en/customer-resources/customer-safety
Bridge **Management**Bridge **Management**From small spans that carry our tracks across creeks to the 5,300-foot-long Lethbridge Viaduct, bridge management at CP is serious business/ResponsiveImages/carousels/bridge-promo.jpg/en/safety/bridge-management-program
Rail **regulations**Rail **regulations**We are subject to a number of regulations, guidelines and standards established and monitored by federal agencies in Canada and the U.S./ResponsiveImages/carousels/rail-siding-promo.jpg/en/safety/rail-regulations