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Bridge Management Program

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Canadian Pacific is committed to the safety of our operation and the communities we operate through, and the ability of our more than 3,000 bridges to safely support train operations is a critical part of that commitment. From small 10-foot-long spans that carry our tracks across creeks to the 5,300-foot-long Lethbridge Viaduct in Alberta, bridge management at CP is serious business.

CP has invested billions of dollars in our infrastructure in recent years helping make CP the safest Class I railroad in North America for 15 years in a row. If CP's infrastructure doesn't work, the railway doesn't work. CP continues to invest in its network to enhance safety, improve efficiency, create velocity, and provide the best service possible to customers.

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CP's bridge program madates 


3000 railway bridges inspected in the US and Canada

Download an infographic outlining CP’s commitment to bridge safety​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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  • Strict bridge inspection regimen
  • Meets or exceeds all federal standards
  • Qualified railroad bridge inspectors
  • All bridges are inspected at least once annually​
  • Continuous investment in bridge maintenance and renewal

Learn more about our Bridge Management Program​​​​​​​​

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Local, state and federal officials in the United States can obtain detailed bridge information through the FRA.

Learn more​​​

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If you have questions or concerns about a CP bridge, please fill out the form below or call our Community Connect line at 1-800-766-7912. 

Please include:

  • the specific bridge location
  • GPS location of bridge (if possible)
  • feature being crossed - eg. the roadway name, river crossing, etc.
  •  If you have photos, please send an email to and attach your photos to your email. Please do not trespass on railroad property; this practice is dangerous and illegal. ​
​​Local, state/provincial and federal officials who are interested in learning more about the CP bridges in their jurisdiction can request info – and an in-person review of inspection reports – by contacting our media team at 1-855-242-3674 .

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