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Professional standards department


If you have had a positive experience with a member of the CP Police Service or have recently observed a member who you feel is worthy of a compliment, we would like to hear from you.  We are extremely proud of our members and your comments are greatly appreciated.  If you would like to make a compliment please email


The Professional Standards Department tracks all citizen complaints and concerns.  The Professional Standards Department also monitors the public complaint process and handles complaints regarding all employees of the CP Police Service.  The complaint process is outlined in the Making a Complaint Against the Canadian Pacific Police Service brochure​.


A request to access information must be made in writing.  You can use a CP Police Service Request Form​ or simply send a signed letter. 

CP will only accept requests for information that are made in writing.  You can send your written request to:

CP Police Service

Building #5

7550 Ogden Dale Rd SE

Calgary AB T2C 4X9​

Attention: Professional Standards Department

Please make your request as specific as possible.  If available, please provide case number, exact dates and addresses, as well as, names or numbers of the members involved.  This will assist us in conducting an accurate search for the requested information.


If you request personal records about yourself, your identity will have to be verified to ensure that access is being provided to the right person.  You will be asked to produce your date of birth.


If the record you request contains personal information about someone else, and it would be an unreasonable invasion of that person's personal privacy to provide that personal information, access to that information will not be granted without written consent or an appropriate order of the court. ​