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Rail Safety Week - September 19-25, 2022

During Rail Safety Week, Operation Lifesaver Canada and Operation Lifesaver U.S. work in partnership with CP, the rail industry, government, police, unions, and many public organizations and community groups to highlight safe practices around railway property.

Stop Track Tragedies by having CP RailSense

Not having RailSense can bring with it tragedy and serious consequences. Not only to you, but to your family, your community and the men and women who operate CP's trains and police CP's network.

The CP RailSense program, through education and targeted communications and outreach, asks you to be situationally aware around the railway.

Our goal is simple: encourage safe behaviour around tracks and trains, and eliminate injuries and fatalities*.

Hundreds of North Americans are killed each year in preventable incidents with trains.

In the U.S., a person is hit by a train every 3 hours.

Chances of survival are slim for trespassers. Those who do survive often suffer from life-altering injuries, including amputation.

Stay safe near the railway

  • Don’t bike down or near railway tracks
  • Don’t use railway tracks or the adjoining right-of-way as an ATV path
  • Never walk on railway bridges
  • Keep your dog on leash at all times around railway property
  • Only cross tracks at designated crossings. Railway lines are private property, and walking on them constitutes trespassing. The only safe, legal place to cross a rail line is at a marked grade crossing
  • Every rail crossing in North America has a 24-hour toll-free emergency number posted. If you ever see something unsafe around the tracks, call immediately
  • If you’re concerned about someone’s mental health and their interest in train tracks call your nearest mental health support line to get them help
  • If your vehicle is stalled on the tracks get out, get away. Call the emergency number on the crossing or 911


Learn more about rail safety through our partner in rail safety advocacy, Operation Lifesaver Canada | U.S.

CP RailSense posters



If you are a parent or teacher, use this presentation material​ to talk to kids classes or groups about rail safety.

To request an Operation Lifesaver presentation click here  

Follow Operation Lifesaver on social media to spread rail safety reminders year-round. Canada | U.S.


Watch these videos to learn some important facts about trespassing.

Watch the video

CP Police share vital rail safety information to help you stay safe around tracks and trains.​

Watch the video

​CP Police Service Chief Al Sauve talks about why rail safety is so important.

Watch the video

 See a problem around the tracks?

Report it to CP Police at:


 Reach out

Become a CP RailSense ambassador and help us stop preventable incidents.

Follow us on social media and share our safety reminders to your friends and family.

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 Kids Zone

Hey kids! Test your Railsense

Play the CP RailSense game featuring Cornelius the Conductor. This fun, interactive game will teach you how to be safe around tracks and trains. Start now and get your own Conductor badge!

Play it here

CP RailSense coloring sheets

 Did you know?

Trains and railway property are private property. 

Walking on railway property is trespassing and illegal. This property includes the right-of-way, which extends 50 feet from either side of the track.

In Canada, federal offences under the Railway Safety Act range as high as $10,000. Fines vary by province.

In the U.S., felony trespass can result in up to 4 years in jail and/or a $2,500 fine. This varies by local and state jurisdictions.

Learn more about the CP Police