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Emergency Planning Guides

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Maintaining safe operations is a responsibility we take very seriously. CP has been safely operating trains for more tha​n 130 years, in communities across North America.

Every policy we implement, every task we perform, every operational decision we make is viewed through the lens of safety. We know safety isn't an abstract concept; it is a condition of employment each and every day. It is also part of the commitment we make to our customers and stakeholders: we will protect our people, the public, our customers' goods, our communities and the environment.

CP developed the Community Emergency Planning Guide and Integrated Contingency Plan to plan for and respond to incidents involving railroad property or equipment.

Community Emergency Planning Guide​

The Guide is designed to supplement local emergency plans. It covers key information needed by planners and responders should an incident take place involving CP.​

Among other things, the Guide outlines:​​
  • ​​Emergency contact information to initiate CP response processes​
  • Hazardous materials shipping documents
  • Incident response guidelines
  • Rail car placarding requirements
  • ​​How to request a list of hazardous materials transported through a community

​Integrated Contingency Plan

CP's Integrated Contingency Plan is an all-encompassing emergency response plan that guides CP's actions for any emergency situation.