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​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Online Training

CP's Awareness Training

 The objective of this training is to:

  • Explain why safety is an important aspect of railroad daily life
  • Locate CP transportation services in North America
  • Locate CP emergency response officers and equipment
  • Identify rail line owners and track location
  • Describe how to request Track Protection
  • Identify and explain the purpose of railroad paperwork
  • Describe how locomotives and rolling stock are identified and placarded
  • Explain how trains are secured

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Emergency Training Exercises​

In the past five years, CP has trained over 25,000 emergency responders on HazMat response across North America.

Training exercises help to facilitate safe and efficient operations during a response. CP offers training on railroad incident emergency response for local emergency responders. Agencies that want training may contact Community Connect at 1-800-766-7912 or​ who will connect you with your local HazMat Officer.

Virtual classroom

CP's Augmented Reality technology helps CP HazMat Officers coach first responders how to safely respond to train derailments with hazardous goods.

Using 3-D modelling, CP can take their virtual classroom anywhere to train firefighters and other first responders on safely responding to rail incidents.

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Security And Emergency Response Training Center (SERTC)

"In my 37 years as a firefighter and an officer with the Yorkton Fire Department I have never had a course that was this informative and hands-on." Captain Brian Stranaghan, Yorkton Fire Department

CP sponsors three classes every year for CP employees, contractors and first responders at the Security and Emergency Response Training Center in Pueblo, Colorado. This state-of-the-art facility offers the best hands-on training in the world and teaches students how to effectively respond to incidents including:

  • Specialized hazmat response
  • Incident command
  • Crude-by-rail emergency response
If you're a first responder interested in attending a training course, contact

Firefighters from across CP’s network getting hands-on experience at a CP-sponsored emergency preparedness course at the Security and E​mergency Response Training Center, Pueblo, C​olorado

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Training Equipment

CP's Training Railcar – CP911

CP's training rail car, CP911, is a DOT111 general service car that has been converted into a training tank car for First Responders. It allows responders to see firsthand what they may encounter in the unlikely event of a derailment or Non Accidental Release (NAR). CP HazMat Officers will use CP911 to train responders on the construction, identifiable markings, valves, and general operations of a tank car.

CP911 will also complement existing training activities. We can bring First Responders into rail yards and conduct larger training events using the CP911 tank car to replicate Dangerous Goods incident response.

CP911 is one more resource available to the communities through which we operate in our ongoing commitment to safety.

Training Trailers

Training Trailers are specially designed for the outdoor classroom. CP's HazMat Officers bring these trailers to local fire departments to showcase the many different apparatuses they may encounter in the field.

The Training Trailer is equipped with a variety of different valves, housings and other general service and pressure tank car appliances that a first responder will encounter when dealing with these kinds of rail cars. This allows local departments to apply midland capping kits as well a "C" kits for real world training.

Locomotive Training Prop

CP built this one-of-a-kind specialized training prop to bring mobile locomotive rescue training to fire departments. 

In this training, CP’s HazMat Officers walk first responders through locomotive shutdown procedures, including electrical system and fuel shut-offs. First responders also learn how to safely rescue a crew from a locomotive cab if they are trapped.

CP built this one-of-a-kind specialized training prop to bring mobile locomotive rescue training to fire departments.

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