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HazMat training registration

​​​​CP nor any of their employees, subcontractors, consultants, or other assigns make any warranty or representation, either express or implied, with respect to the accuracy, completeness, or utility of the information contained herein, or assume any liability or responsibility for any use, or the results of such use, of any information or process disclosed in this publication, or represent that its use would not infringe upon privately owned rights. This information is designed to supplement existing training resources and should not be relied upon exclusively as a standalone curriculum. Sound scientific and safety judgment should be used in employing the information contained herein. Where applicable, authorities having jurisdiction should be consulted.

CP is not undertaking to meet the duties of employers, manufacturers, or suppliers to warn and properly train and equip their employees, and others exposed, concerning health and safety risks and precautions, nor undertaking their obligations to comply with authorities having jurisdiction.

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