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Hazardous materials notification list - United States

​​​​How do I get added to the notification list of hazardous materials being transported through my community?

When requested, we assist Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC's) in assessing the hazardous materials moving through their communities and the safeguards that are in place to protect against unintentional releases.  Upon written request, AAR members will provide bona fide emergency response agencies or planning groups with specific commodity flow information covering all hazardous commodities​​ at a minimum the top 25 hazardous commodities transported through the community in rank order. 

The request must be made using the form included ​(as linked below) by an official emergency response or planning group with a cover letter on appropriate letterhead bearing an authorized signature. The form reflects the fact that the railroad industry considers this information to be restricted information of a security sensitive nature and that the recipient of the information must agree to release the information only to bona fide emergency response planning and response organizations and not distribute the information publicly in whole or in part without the individual railroad's express written permission. 

Request form

It should be noted that commercial requirements change over time, and it is possible that a hazardous materials transported tomorrow might not be included in the specific commodity flow information provided upon request, since that information was not available at the time the list was provided.