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TransCAER recognizes CP for safety program

Hazmat_hat.jpgWhile CP's hazmat team was demonstrating our industry-leading emergency response equipment in Calgary, two CP employees were recognized for efforts in developing and deploying that equipment.
TransCAER​ (Transportation Community Awareness and Emergency Response) awarded Dale Buckholtz, System Manager Emergency Response, with one of its most prestigious awards - the Crystal Trophy National Achievement Award. TransCAER also recognized Scott Croome, Hazmat Specialist, with an Individual Recognition Award.
"In recent years, it has become apparent there is a real need to operate transportation and emergency response business in a more safe manner.  With CP's support obtaining ER equipment, CP has set a the example very high," Dale said. "This award says something."
"A lot of good people have worked on the development, deployment, and education around this equipment. I might have received this award, but it belongs to everyone here at CP who works hard every day to make our business safer."
The awards were granted specifically for the work done on to proactively develop CP's industry-leading equipment, which includes the Fire Trailer Program as well as additional Hazmat Emergency Transfer Semi Trailers. The fire trailer program was developed as a result of the increase transportation of Class 3 materials and now, with well-publicized increase of crude oil by rail shipments, we have stationed specialized fire suppression trailers throughout CP's operating system to provide critical resources in the event of a serious hazmat incident. 
CP is working in conjunction with local first-responders in each of these areas to ensure local personnel are trained on how the equipment works, as well as how they can work together with CP's emergency response teams.
The ER Transfer semi-trailers are capable of transferring non-regulated and regulated commodities and contain various pumps and chemical compatible hoses for all classes of products CP transports ranging from cooking to crude oil and other hazardous products including compressed gases. These units have redundant supplies and are designed to have all resources needed to make necessary tank car repairs in the field.
"These awards are a testament to all the work mine, Dale, and Kevin Houle's, environmental engineering team have put into this initiative, not to mention the countless hours working to promote it to first responders, and educate them how to work with us to use it," says Scott.
"It's a lot of work, but it's worth it, and this isn't where it stops," adds Scott. "Our plan is to always look for more ways to be a better neighbour, partner, and service provider."
In addition to hazmat resources, CP has implemented a program to improve our terrestrial and water-based spill-response capacity through the purchase and distribution of additional standardized spill response containers. 
"These spill resources will be placed at strategic locations across our system in both the Canada and the U.S.  Spill response trailers and containers will improve our immediate spill response capacity (fuel and oils) in the critical early stages of an incident," says Kevin, manager, environmental engineering.
"These resources, in conjunction with our network of trained responders and membership in response organizations, will provide for a more effective response to land and water-based spills."


TransCAER is a volunteer North American outreach organization that focuses on assisting communities in preparing for, and to respond to, possible hazardous material transportation incidents. 
TransCAER is made up of representatives from the chemical manufacturing, transportation, distributor, and emergency response industries, as well various levels of government.