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Under the common carrier obligation, CP is required to move products considered dangerous goods, or called hazardous materials in the U.S., provided they meet federal standards.​​ As the consumer and societal needs for these products carry on, we continually strive to make the transportation of dangerous goods as safe as possible.

Like other North American railways, we are subject to a number of regulations, guidelines and standards established and monitored by federal agencies and industry associations​.​​​​

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  • CP has developed an online Awareness Training program for first responders​
  • Since 2012, CP has trained over 30,000 emergency responders across North America on HazMat response
  • CP has converted  a DOT111 general service car to train responders on the construction, identifiable markings, valves, and general operations of a tank car​​​

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**Emergency Planning** Guides**Emergency Planning** GuidesCP developed the Community Emergency Planning Guide and Integrated Contingency Plan to plan for and respond to incidents involving railroad property or equipment./ResponsiveImages/carousels/cp-HAZMAT.PNG/en/safety/transporting-dangerous-goods/community-emergency-planning-guide
**Safety tool** for first responders**Safety tool** for first respondersThe AskRail app provides first responders immediate access to accurate, timely data about what type of hazardous materials a railcar is carrying./ResponsiveImages/carousels/AskRail.jpg/en/safety/transporting-dangerous-goods/AskRail
**Emergency Response** Network**Emergency Response** NetworkCP has assets, personnel and an emergency response contractor network to provide an effective 24/7 response across CP's network or other industrial partners when needed./ResponsiveImages/carousels/emergency-response-network.jpg/en/safety/transporting-dangerous-goods/emergency-response-network

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How do I get added to the notification list of Hazardous Materials being transported through my community?

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Find out what products comprise the dangerous goods shipments in your province and how to get added to the notification list of Dangerous Goods being transported through your community.​​

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