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Where can I watch the concert?

The CP "Holiday Train at Home" concert will be available on December 12 at 6 p.m. MT/8 p.m. ET at The concert will also be archived on our Facebook page for those who want to watch it later.

Will the Holiday Train be making stops anywhere this year?

The Holiday Train will not be visiting communities this year due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, but the goal of raising food and funds in the fight against hunger remains the same.

What food banks is CP supporting this year?

CP will donate $1.24 million to those communities that typically receive the CP Holiday Train, including those that the train visits in alternating years. A full list of the 201 food banks that CP is supporting this year can be found here.

How do I make a donation to the food bank?

During the concert, viewers seeking to donate will be directed to Food Banks Canada and Feeding America, the national organizations that support community food banks in their respective countries. To donate to one of the food banks that CP is supporting, please check this list.

What food items are needed right now?

Please check with your local food bank as needs vary from place to place. Financial donations are always welcome as this allows food banks to utilize their buying power and ensure your donation goes further.

What's the impact been?

Since 1999, the Holiday Train has raised more than CAD $19.05 million and 4.8 million pounds of food for North American food banks.

CP operates in over 1,100 communities, and our 12,000 employees are very proud of the Holiday Train program. We know that hunger is an issue that can, and does, impact our neighbours. Over the years the program has gained a tremendous following, and we are proud to hold the "Holiday Train at Home" virtual concert to continue this tradition for our family and yours.

Will the Holiday Train be back in 2021?

We plan to run our regular Holiday Train program next year if it is safe to do so.