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Will the Holiday Train stop in my town?

Every year CP receives numerous requests for Holiday Train stops from communities across our network. We try to vary the stops from year to year to accommodate as many locations as possible. You can find the schedules for the CP Holiday Train in Canada here and in the U.S. here

Can you tell me when the train will be passing through my town?

Our Holiday Train tracker lets you see where the trains are on their journeys. Once the Holiday Train program gets underway, you can find the tracker here

The schedule shows the U.S. Holiday Train in Canada. Is that correct?

CP has two Holiday Trains to visit as many locations as possible. The Canadian train stays in Canada, while the U.S. train moves between Canada and the U.S.

What food banks is CP supporting this year?

A complete list of the food banks that CP is supporting this year can be found here

How do I donate to the food bank?

To donate to any of the food banks that CP is supporting, please check this list. If you attend a Holiday Train show, your local food shelf will have a station set up to accept donations.

What food items are needed right now?

Please check with your local food bank as needs vary from place to place. Cash donations are always welcome since they enable food banks to utilize their buying power and ensure your donation goes further.

How does the Holiday Train collect and distribute the money and food?

The food and money donations stay in the community and are not collected on board the train. CP works with the local food bank and food pantry groups, who organize the collection of all donations at the stop in their communities.

What's the impact been?

Since 1999, the CP Holiday Train has raised more than C$21 million and 5 million pounds of food for North American food banks. All donations raised at a Holiday Train stop remain in that community.

CP operates in more than 1,100 communities, and our 12,000 employees are proud of the Holiday Train program. We know that hunger is an issue that can, and does, impact our neighbours. Over the years, the program has gained a tremendous following and we are proud to continue this tradition for our family and yours.

Are Holiday Train concerts free?

Yes! We only ask that you bring a food or monetary donation to your local food bank/pantry who will be on site taking collections.

What is a Holiday Train event like?

A typical Holiday Train event goes something like this: The train arrives and pulls to a safe stop in front of the crowd. The stage door lowers and the band opens with its first song, followed by a brief presentation with the local food bank officials and other dignitaries on stage. Once the presentation is done the band resumes the show, singing a mix of traditional and modern holiday-themed songs, and popular original songs. After the final song the boxcar door closes and the train is on its way to the next stop.

Please ensure that you keep a safe distance from the train at all times so we can safely continue our journey.

Can I ride the train?

The Holiday Train does not offer rides to members of the public.

Can I volunteer for the train?

The Holiday Trains are staffed by CP employees and supported by local CP employees at our stop locations. 

Any activities that occur at the outdoor events are organized in partnership with the municipality and their chosen food bank. We recommend you reach out locally to offer your services to help make your Holiday Train event even better!

What about COVID-19 restrictions?

CP employed rigorous safety measures and policies throughout the pandemic and continues to follow all public health authority guidance and regulations. Please don’t attend the CP Holiday Train event in your community if you are sick.

Is there on-site parking or activities?

CP brings the train and that city or town arranges everything on the ground at each event, including event parking, restroom facilities, lost and found and any additional entertainment or services.

Why isn’t the train coming to my town?

Our two Holiday Trains visit more than 160 communities in just over three weeks. With thousands of miles to cover, we do our best to stop in as many locations along the CP network as possible.

We only stop in towns where CP operates. If you live in a community served by another railway, our Holiday Train will not be visiting your location.

Why is the Holiday Train stopping during the daytime in my location?

The Holiday Trains cover thousands of miles during the three weeks. With more than 160 stops, it means that many events take place during the day. The show is always great regardless of the hour, and the food banks appreciate your donations.

Are the lights on the whole time?

The Holiday Train’s lights stay on as they move across the CP network. In areas where we travel on track that is not CP, the lights will be turned off. Each Holiday Train is about 1,000 feet long and consists of 14 rail cars decorated with LED lights and holiday designs.

Can I record the concert?

You can record the concert for your enjoyment. We don’t recommend posting the concert on monetized platforms such as Facebook and YouTube due to copyright infringement.