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  • Rail-based transportation is your safest, most cost-effective, and most environmentally-sensitive way to ship
  • We can ship your goods to every major market in North America with our network of shortline and Class 1 rail partners
  • Access to an integrated rail transportation network that includes key U.S. and Mexican rail carriers​​
  • More than 100 strategically-located transload and trucking facilities located across North America reach both rail and non-rail served customers
  • Our U.S. Northeast service connects the port of New York to Canada, offering a competitive alternative to trucks
  • As a low-risk transportation carrier for U​.S. imports, we're able to arrange expedited customs procedures between Canada and the U.S.​​​​​​​

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 Commodities - Merchandise



Our automotive compounds, in key markets across Canada and the U.S., operate seven days a week and provide quality vehicle loading and unloading services.

From assembly plants to the retail auto markets, we've shipped new and pre-owned vehicles and auto parts for more than 35 years.

Forest Products

We ship lumber, panel, pulp and paper products from Canada and the U.S. to Asia and Europe through our global distribution network, safely and efficiently.

New handling processes and our rigorously-tested airbags are just two ways we reduce your costs and decrease the risk of damage to your shipments.​

Energy/ Crude

We are the only Class 1 railway positioned to serve the Oil sands, the Bakken Shale formation, the Marcellus Shale and major ethanol production areas in the Midwest U.S.

By working with CP, you can open and grow markets in advance of pipeline investment and simplify your e​nergy supply chain.


Chemicals and Plastics

Our cross-border gateways in Western Canada​ provide the shortest and fastest shipping routes to the U.S. Gulf Coast and Alberta markets​.

With access to a network of transload and trucking facilities across Canada, the U.S. and into Mexico, we can provide safe, reliable and efficient shipping anywhere in North America​.​​

Oversized and Dimensional

Our Vancouver-Chicago corridor is the shortest rail route linking North American industries with key Asia-Pacific manufacturers, and our Montreal to Chicago corridor is part of an uninterrupted route from Europe to the U.S. Midwest.​

Our dimensional clearance specialists will work directly with you to ensure safe and cost-effective rail transportation.

Steel Products

Located one hour north of the U.S. - Canadian border, in the heart of Southern Ontario, our 155,000 square foot transload and trucking distribution center provides superior transloading, warehousing and distribution services of your steel products.​​​​​​​​​​

​Whether products are moving on a truck bed, intermodal container, flat car, box car or otherwise, this CP terminal is equipped to handle it quickly and safely.​​​

 Our Network - Merchandise

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  • CP's network of more than 100 transload facilities across North America provides one-stop shopping for dock-to​-dock transportation solutions​
  • We can move your goods anywhere in North America with our network of shortline partnerships and interchanges with Class 1 railroads 
  • Strategic partnerships with shipping terminals, ports, highways, airports and governments​
  • Access to an integrated transportation network that includes key U.S. and Mexican rail carriers​​
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We work with railroads, truckers, facility operators, freight forwarders and other vendors to deliver integrated logistics solutions. CP Logistics delivers customized solutions that meet your supply chain and transportation needs including:

  • Evaluate your distribution and transportation strategies to meet your supply chain goals
  • Securing the appropriate railway clearances and routing for safe, efficient and damage-free transportation
  • Capture and report performance information t​o identify opportunities for supply-chain improvement
  • Source lower-cost, quality providers of transportation, warehousing and distribution services

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Whatever the type of product, we’ve got the equipment to transport it, with hopper cars, tank cars and both heated and refrigerated boxcars available.​​​
​Contact our sales Experts​​​​​​​​​​